Move-In Day Fall 2020

Saturday January 23

VSU Quad A (Floor 1 & 3)

VSU Quad C (Floor 1 & 3)

Branch Hall (Floor 0 & 2)

Eggleston Hall (All Floors)

Wednesday January 27

Byrd Hall (All Floors)

Seward Hall (All Floors)

Moore Hall (Floor 1)

Sunday January 24

VSU Quad A (Floor 2 & 4)

VSU Quad C (Floor 2 & 4)

Branch Hall (Floor 1 & 3)

Langston Hall (Floor 1)

Thursday January 28

Gateway II A (Floor 1 & 3)

Gateway II B (Floor 1 & 3)

Monday January 25

VSU Quad B (Floor 1 & 3)

VSU Quad D (Floor 1 & 3)

Williams Hall (All Floors)

Langston Hall (Floor 2)

Friday January 29

Gateway II A (Floor 2 & 4)

Gateway II B (Floor 2 & 4)

Tuesday January 26

VSU Quad B (Floor 2 & 4)

VSU Quad D (Floor 2 & 4)

Langston Hall (Floor 3)

Seward Hall (Floor 1 & 3)

Saturday January 30

Moore Hall (Floor 2)

Moore Hall (Floor 3)


All students will be assigned a timeslot during which they are able to move into their residence hall. Once the timeslot ends, non-student guests should vacate the premises to allow others to move in safely. Timeslots will be determined by students’ floor assignment. Additional instructions regarding the flow of move-in will be provided at that time.

Personal Protective Equipment

All students and guests will be required to wear a mask for the duration of the move-in process. We ask that you bring your own mask; however, we will have a limited number available for individuals who may forget.

Non-Student Guests

Students will be permitted to have no more than two additional people to assist them with moving in. Unfortunately, “spectators,” such as young siblings and elderly family members are not permitted.


Where present, elevators will be limited to one family group at a time. Elevators may only be used by individuals physically moving items and/or individuals with mobility concerns.