Student Accounts

The Office of Student Accounts
 assists students, parents (with written permission per FERPA/Release of Information), third-party agencies, and university employees who inquire about charges on a student’s accounts. The office is responsible for billing, issuing refunds, and administering the tuition payment plan.

Key Points to keeping your account in good standings. Please take these steps prior to arrival:

  • Check your student email for notifications

    Pay attention to each Student Schedule Bill received

  • Make sure you are validated before the first day of class

  • Take action on active holds on your account

  • Check your account

  • Ask questions to understand your account.

What is a Student Schedule Bill? – A student schedule bill is a statement sent to the student via their VSU student email each semester. The bill reflects tuition charges, course fees, and room and board charges for on-campus students. Student bills are sent prior to the start of the semester. eBills are sent weekly until midterms to allow students to identify any changes to their bill

What is a Student Account? – Every student has a student account. A student account is much like a bank statement. It shows a cumulative balance that includes all of your charges and credits applied to your account during your enrollment at VSU. However, it is solely used for financial transactions at the university such as tuition payments, fees, on-campus housing, and other campus charges. Each time you register, cancel, add a course or incur an ancillary fee, a charge is posted to your account. You can use your student account to keep track of all your college spending. Since the student is the individual receiving the services from the university, we always bill the student.

What is a Tuition Payment Plan -Tuition payment plans are monthly plans used to satisfy balances not covered by financial aid. Payment plans are set up on a semester-to-semester basis. At VSU, we offer two types of tuition plans through Nelnet Campus Solutions (TMS – Tuition Management Systems).

  • 5 monthly payments- Divides the balance into 5 payments due the 15th of the month

    • Fall Semester Deadline- July 31st

    • Spring Semester Deadline- December 31st

  • 4 monthly payments- Divides the balance into 4 payments due every 15th of the month.

    • This plan begins within the same month of classes starting and would need to be set up

    • First payment paid in full before the first day of class.

  • Nelnet: 888-722-4867(Tuition Payment Plans) or