Trojan Health and Wellness (THAW)

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Trojan Health and Wellness (THAW) utilizes the Ecological Model of Health, which is endorsed by the American College Health Association. THAW recognizes that individual and population determinants affect health and wellbeing. The centers that comprise THAW and integrated health and wellness into campus life are the Health, Student Accessibility and the Wellness Centers.

THAW’s Mission

Promote the holistic wellness of Virginia State University students and other community stakeholders.


Every member of the Virginia State University community will experience holistic wellness through the intersectionality of interpersonal, intrapersonal, institutional, community and public policy factors.


Explore opportunities to resolve personal and interpersonal issues.

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Student Accessibility Office

Reasonable academic accommodations and other supports.

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Health Center

Make an appointment for no charge for clinic or office visits.

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Outreach & Workshops

Proactively providing education preventive services to all students.

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