Department of Student Activities


The mission of the Department of Student Activities is to create a co-curricular transcript that mirrors personal and professional goals. 


A department in which all students are growing professionally and personally by engaging in co-curricual programs and activities in a student-focused environment. 

Involvement + Engagement = Success

There are numerous activities which are coordinated by the Student Activities to include Homecoming, Spring Fling, the Tree Lighting Ceremony, and the Thanksgiving Dinner.  Most activities are coordinated and/or implemented by students.  To become involved in the planning and executing these events and many more, join the Trojan Activities Board (TAB), a board that plans events for students by students. 

The Department of Student Activities offers a multitude of services to students such as the shuttle bus service, which is a free service offered to faculty, staff and students. The commuter lounge is an area where students are able to relax and socialize between classes. Copying services are offered in the lobby of Foster Hall seven days a week and finally student organizations are able to check out concessions for their programs. 

Affiliating with multiple national organizations is key to the department’s ability to keep abreast with best practices.  The Department is affiliated with National Association of Campus Activities (NACA), the Association of College Unions International (ACUI), the National Intramural Recreation and Sports Association (NIRSA), and the National Center for Student Leadership (NCSL) and many others.  

A Glimpse At The Trojan Experience

Here is what you can experience here at Virginia State University:
Events planned by the Trojan Activities Board, Department of Student Activities and Originations on campus that help students come together to make the academic school year an engaging experience for all trojans! We strive to make all experiences enjoyable and engaging.

A Glimpse At The Trojan Experience

DSA Currently houses 15 Greek-Life organizations between the National Panhellenic Council and the Council if Independent Organizations. Joining a Greek organization can be a fun way to form life-time friendship and build an invaluable national network.

Learn more about Greek life.

The heart beat calendar will let you know what the department of student activities has to offer throughout the academic school year!

Play, Compete, Have Fun and be apart of a team! Intramural sports are a great way to stay active and fit. Sports offered but not limited to Basketball, Flag Football, Kickball, Soccer and More!

Co-Curricular programming is learning beyond the classroom by providing forums, lectures, film, theatre, social events, cultural events and leadership development.

Our students play an important role in campus life. They provide service projects on and off campus and around the nation. Students gain real-world experience and practice important skills like leadership, problem-solving, and time-management. Volunteering offers students the opportunity to apply their classroom learning to practical scenarios that have real implications.

The Trojan Activities Board (TAB) is the student programming board for the Department of Student Activities. TAB is open to all students interested in planning and implementing programs, activities, and events on campus for the student body. The areas of programming include Arts and Culture, Social and Weekend, Progressive and Special Interest, and Leadership and Personal Development.

Message from Casey Perry - Director of Student Life and Engagement

Casey Perry

Casey Perry
Director of Student Life and Engagement

Casey Perry

Casey Perry
Director of Student Life and Engagement

Message from Casey Perry - Director of Student Life and Engagement

The Department of Student Activities is the Heartbeat of Campus! We have a team of energetic, professional, passionate staff that love assisting students success in all aspects of their life! We have the 10 Pathways to Engagement for all students that strategically gears to all students interest. The most rewarding component of our experience is having the opportunity to work with such bright, determined, talented scholars from all over the world who just love being them. We strive to continue being the model for the #1 Student Engagement Experience in the world!


Black 82

A months’ worth of events created to celebrate Black history month the 1882 way.

Spring Fling

You’ve made it through the spring semester why not throw a little fun in the mix.


The Greek take over! A week worth of events brought to you by the Greeks open to all

Welcome Week

New to the university? Well welcome week is for you to get acquainted to the university the DSA way

10 Pathways to Engagement

  1. Trojan Activities Board

    "Being TAB president is something I wanted to do as a freshman now that I am here I want to create unforgettable memories for the student body."

    - Devin Styles(2023-2024 Trojan Activities Board President) 

  2. Student Organizations

    "Student organizations are the energy of the campus, infusing life, school spirit and creative vitality into the collegiate experience, shaping not only students, but the very soul of our academic community."

    - Mia Anderson (2023-2024 Vice President of Student Success and Engagement) 

  3. Greek Life

    "The NPHC has given me the latitude to refurbish togetherness, and apprehend the prosperity of our Divine Nine here at Virginia State University."

    - EJ Washington (2023-2024 National Pan-Hellenic Counsel President) 

  4. Royal Court
    "Being the on on royal court is more than the crown and the wave, its about being able to be everything your university needs."
  5. Recreation and Leisure

    "Intramural sports is your one stop shop for all the activities you love. There is no limit to the sports to choose from."

    - Joshua Hutchful (2023-2024 Trojan Activities Board Vice President of Administration)

  6. Programming

    "Programming is more than just engaging the student body, Its about creating an environment that’s innovative and a home away from home."

    - Aisha Ahmed (2023-2024 Trojan Activities Board Vice President of Administration) 

  7. Leadership Development

    "Leadership Development starts with you! DSA offers man leadership opportunities to help students grow and showcase their leadership."

    - Department of Student Activities

  8. Student Elections

    "Student elections ran by the people for the people. We hold our student to high standards when running for elections to support each other and ran with dignity."

    - Department of Student Activities 

  9. Campus Community Outreach

    "We are big on helping the communities we are in and the surrounding area with things such as canned food drives, Toy drives and Martin Luther King Day Clean up more. There is no limit to how much we can give back."

    - Department of Student Activities 

  10. Student Publications

    "Creating the yearbook and keep our social media pages up to date help students continue to be creative"

    - Department on Student Activities