Clubs & Organizations

Student organizations play an important role in campus life at Virginia State University. Throughout the year, they sponsor a variety of extra and co-curricular activities for the campus community as well as participate in service projects on and off-campus.

The purpose of student organizations is to provide students with opportunities to participate in activities that develop their intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, and professional abilities. These organizations are important components to the academic life of the University. To meet all the different developmental needs of students, VSU offers a multitude of student groups. Every student is encouraged to become a member of those organizations that appeal to their interest.

Research has found that involvement in student organizations:

  • Improves students’ interpersonal skills
  • Has a positive influence on skills in leadership, communication, teamwork, organizing, decision-making, and planning
  • Gives students a greater satisfaction with their college experience
  • Provides useful experience in obtaining a job and providing job-related skills
  • Develops lifelong values of volunteerism and service to others

Establishing a New Organization

New student organizations are always forming. If you cannot find an established student organization that meets your needs, consider forming your own organization. Here are the requirements and procedures for starting your own organization.

  • Complete a new organization registration packet. Include constitution and bylaws, list of prospective members, and advisor signature.
  • Drop off packet with the Coordinator of Student Organizations and Leadership Development. It will be reviewed and approved/denied.
  • If approved the prospective organization will provide a 5-minute presentation to the Leadership Council for a final vote of approval. (Leadership Council is comprised of student organization presidents and form an active council within SGA) If approved by the Leadership Council you will be notified of your approval via email and then scheduled to participate in a new student organization orientation session.
  • You are now a registered student organization.