Virginia Tuition Guidelines


This process is applicable to all new undergraduate students who have applied for admission to the university. The Applications for Virginia in-state tuition rates must be submitted to the Office Admissions, P.O. Box 9018, Petersburg, VA 23806 at the time of application or soon thereafter but before the first official day of class.

Eligibility for in-state tuition

This general information will help clarify the requirements necessary to be eligible for in-state tuition rates in Virginia. It is not intended to cover all situations, but to give you a basic understanding of the question of domicile.


To be eligible for in-state tuition rates, you must be domiciled in Virginia for a minimum of one year prior to your application for domiciliary. Domicile is defined as your present, fixed home where you return following temporary absences and where you intend to stay indefinitely. In essence, domicile has two parts and you must meet both to qualify for in-state tuition. You must reside in Virginia and you must intend to keep Virginia as your home, indefinitely. The revised domicile brochure will provide more clarification.

If you are dependent on your parents for financial support and 23 years old, you have the same domicile as your parents/guardians. When you become 24 years old, you can establish a domicile that is different from your parents. However, if you are over 24 and financially dependent on your parents, your parents must be domiciled in Virginia before you will be eligible for in-state benefits.

According to Section 23-7.4 of the Code of Virginia, “If a student is classified initially as out-of-state, it is the responsibility of the student thereafter to petition the responsible official for reclassification to in-state status if the student believes that subsequent changes in facts justify such a reclassification. The institution will not assume responsibility for initiating such an inquiry independently.”

The Code further states, “The change in classification, if deemed to be warranted, shall be effective for the next academic semester or term following the date of application for reclassification. No change to in-state status may be obtained by a student for an academic term that has begun before the date of the application for reclassification.”

The factors used to support a case for in-state tuition benefits must have existed for one year before the first official day of classes.

Residence or physical presence in Virginia primarily to attend college or university does not entitle you to in-state tuition rates. If you enter an institution classified as an out-of-state student, you will be required to give clear and convincing evidence to rebut the presumption that you are in the state to attend school before a change of status will be granted.

Special Situations

Military Members

Active Duty military and their dependents assigned permanent duty station to a Virginia base, a contiguous state, or D.C., and who resides in Virginia are eligible to receive in-state tuition, so long as they are continuously enrolled at the institution. The member must apply for consideration. Read the Domicile Brochure for more information.

Virginia Domicile

To be eligible for in-state tuition rates, you must be domiciled in Virginia for a minimum of one year prior to your application for domiciliary. For more information, access the SCHEV website.