VSU Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions FAQs - Freshman

  • A student recently submitted their FAFSA. It typically takes 3-5 business days for the Department of Education to process your FAFSA. Once VSU receives your FAFSA, it could take 1-2 weeks to receive an offer/award letter if no other information is required to process your application.
  • A student failed to include VSU's school code (003764) on the FAFSA.
  • A student failed to provide a social security number (SSN) on their VSU admission application. Students will need to contact the Admissions Office at (804) 524-5901 to provide this information
  • A student's FAFSA is selected for verification. This is a federal process equivalent to an IRS audit in which about one third of applicants are selected to provide additional documentation to prove the validity of the information on their FAFSA. VSU will send student a letter requesting the required documents.

VSU has extended the deposit deadline to June 1st for students who need additional time. Please be aware that all first time students will be assigned housing according to the date their application and payment is received Assignments will begin after June 1st and continue as payments and applications are received

Letters are scheduled to be delivered between April 6st and April 24th for new students who listed Virginia State University on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Our code is 003764.nue and expenditures.

Please continue to check the VSU website and follow VSU on social media. You may also contact the Admissions Office at (804) 524-5901 for specific information.

We have postponed registration until further notice. We are considering many options for Orientation at this time. Details will be provided as they become available.

Within Banner, this code designates the “What” of how the money is being spent. VSU uses six character codes for account controls and five character codes for revenue and expenditures.

In light of the global crisis and cancellation of the SAT and ACT exams, the Office of Admission has expanded its test optional review. Students with a GPA of 2.2 or higher, who have completed an application, and have submitted official high school transcripts will be considered for admission based upon their display of strong academic achievement in their core coursework.

At this time, VSU will not award scholarships to students who have not met the requirements for the Provost Scholarship (SAT 1080/ ACT 21) or the requirements for the Presidential Scholarship (SAT 1170/ACT 24.) This includes Provost Scholars who are retaking the SAT or ACT to achieve a higher score.

Admissions FAQs - Transfer

Virginia State University welcomes new transfer students year round. We make every effort to ensure that transfer students receive full credit for all course work successfully completed at other institutions.  We offer a $6,500 scholarship for students with an associate degree and a 3.0 GPA, which can be combined with the Two-Year College Transfer Grant (CTG).

The Office of Enrollment Management has an enrollment fee deferral process for students facing financial difficulty.  The student must have a FAFSA on file with the university to be eligible.  Interested students should contact Admissions at 804-524-5902.

The university will hold an orientation for all new students.  If required, academic departments will work with students throughout the summer for course scheduling.

We do not plan to change our requirements.  The current criteria requires an associate degree at a Virginia two-year public institution with a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 for the associate degree.  The grants are ultimately approved by SCHEV.

Yes, equivalent courses will transfer.

Yes, the student/parent would need to submit a professional judgement request form, available on the Financial Aid webpage.

We are on rolling admission and will provide a decision as soon as we receive a completed online application, a student’s transcript(s), and confidential report.Yes, equivalent courses will transfer.

We guarantee housing for all freshmen and sophomore students.  The Office of Residence Life and Housing will work closely with all new students to determine their housing needs.

Yes, we are still accepting applications through August.

Registration for classes will be held during New Student Orientation. 

The grade of P+ will not impact a student meeting a prerequisite.

The grade of P+ will not impact admission to any program at the University.

The grade of P+ will not impact a student meeting a major requirement.

The grade of P+ will not impact the GAA.Yes, equivalent courses will transfer.

No.  Students are encouraged to submit their FAFSA as soon as possible.  Our school code is 003764

Students should request their transcripts at the end of the spring 2020 term to ensure we receive the most accurate and up-to-date academic history.

Yes.  Students should complete their free online application and submit their unofficial transcript.  The Office of Admission will evaluate the documentation and provide feedback on how many credits will be accepted.