Google Workspace at VSU - FAQ

Google Workspace is a suite of web applications, created by Google that includes Gmail, Google Calendar, as well as collaboration tools such as Google Docs, Google Chat, and Groups.

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Your email address will not change. It is your


Your VUSid is:

  • The first letter of your first name.
  • Plus the first 3 letters of your last name.
  • Plus the Last 4 digits of your Vnumber.

For example, If your name is Frank Smith and your Vnumber is V00998345 then your email address is:

Sign in to Gmail directly by going to Alternatively, a Google Workspace tile has been added to the All Apps area within Clicking on the application tile will launch Google Workspace.

You may notice email messages missing from your account. Your email is not lost. Transition of your email from Microsoft to Google will take 1-3 days. Your email account will be fully functional while we transfer your email.

VSU does not support email clients and recommends that you use the Gmail web interface. Students that choose to configure an email client to check email will need to configure those settings to use Google Gmail settings. For instructions on how to do that please visit:

The primary drive in moving to Google Workspace was to improve reliability and ease of use for student email. This move also adds more applications and services for your use.

For more information about why schools choose GoogleApps, please read Google Workspace for Education

No. VSU will continue to use to integrate with VSU applications and to provide office software for download/installation at no charge to the student.

It's okay if you already have a personal Gmail account. Any of your personal Google accounts will not, in any way, be affiliated with your new VSU Google Workspace account. You may need to switch users in your browser window when selecting accounts.

This is not recommended. Students are responsible for the receipt of email sent from the university. We cannot guarantee the delivery of forwarded email and this could have a negative impact on your academic pursuits at VSU.

To forward email from Gmail:

Your VSUid, Microsoft 365 account, VSU Google Workspace, and all associated data will be deleted one year from the final day of the last enrolled semester.

Please contact the Service Desk at extension 524-5210