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Do you have content that you would like to see added to this website? The guidelines below will help you get started:

For Faculty/Degree Program Areas:

What area are you updating? The following refers to CONTENT for:

  • Administrative- (incl. staff, policies & manuals)
  • Schools- (incl. programs, faculty/staff, curriculum)
What is considered content?:
  • General (welcome pages, program descriptions, events, etc.)
  • Program (course outlines, descriptions, curriculum, etc.)
  • Faculty/Staff:  Correct listing, complete contact information, photos
  • Compliance: SACS and state requirements (think about how to maintain our internal content standards while meeting these requirements)

For Departmental/Office Areas:

What area are you updating? The following refers to CONTENT for: 

  • Administrative- (incl. programs, policies & manuals, etc.)
  • Special Programs- (incl. descriptions, staff, curriculum)
Content Descriptions:
  • General (welcome pages, new developments, events, etc.)
  • Program (descriptions, requirements, etc.)
  • Staff  (Correct listing, complete contact information, photos)

Additional Guidelines & Requirements:

  • Identify or appoint section coordinators as your point person
  • Coordinators should analyze respective areas on the current site, create a content exception list and begin compiling content
  • Content should be student-centric or reader-friendly; we are no longer using mission statements/core values to introduce or describe programs.
  • Focus on consistency, accuracy and delivery of final product
  • General content (see descriptions) must be delivered in Word format
  • Program content (see descriptions) must be delivered in .pdf format. We are no longer using Word documents or Excel spreadsheets on the website.
  • PDFs must be WORD generated (document scans are not acceptable)

After all of your content is ready

Send your content to Request Intake. To serve you more efficiently, please specify the task or project, such as  "Website Update for {insert the area or program}". In the information provided, please indicate where on the website your information should be placed or is replacing including location on page.

Please note: Emails to webmaster@vsu.edu will no longer be responded to directly. Requests will be processed by adhering to VSU Technology Services SLA – Allow three business days for your request to be acknowledged, one to two business days for emergency business needs. 

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