Becoming a Trojan Leader

Trojan Leaders are responsible for using various mentoring techniques to engage their students, which can include one-on-one meetings and/or group meetings. The mentorship requirements require a time commitment of 2 hours per month, a minimum of three (3) contacts per month (email, phone, text or in-person), a minimum of one face-to-face contact per month and compliance with the federal and state laws that govern confidentiality. Mentors are required to attend a minimum of two athletic, cultural, social and university events each semester, monthly mentorship seminars and participation for an academic year in this leadership role.

Students who complete one year of remarkable service with the Trojan Leadership Program will be invited to apply for a position in the Hill Leadership Institute as a Hill Fellow. The Hill Fellows will accept the leadership role of planning and facilitating the agenda for the Trojan Leadership Program Retreat that will commence 2 ½ days prior to the start of welcome week for new freshmen and transfer students. Hill Fellows will plan and lead the monthly mentorship sessions and will participate in the annual Hill Leadership Evolution Retreat. The Hill Fellows will work closely with the Office of Student Success and Engagement to assign Hill Fellows to their Trojan Leadership Program mentors and mentees. Each Hill Fellow will have 10 Trojan Leaders to support as the Trojan Leaders mentor new VSU freshmen and transfer students.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for the Trojan Leadership Program, students must have successfully completed 15 credit hours and a minimum of 2.5 GPA. To be confirmed as a Trojan Leader, students must have successfully completed 30 credit hours, earned a minimum GPA of 2.5 and successfully completed the application requirements. Confirmed Trojan Leaders will be inducted into the program prior to accepting the responsibility for mentoring new VSU students.

Selection Process

Interested students will be provided an application packet. Faculty and staff will conduct the selection process for the initial two years. Following, Trojan Leaders will recommend students for selection. Selection is based upon the interview rating, recommendation forms, test score, personal statement, GPA and earned credit hours. Students will be invited for an interview after all application packet materials have been received and reviewed. The Personal Statement reflects professional aspirations in line with the Trojan Leadership core values, goals and a reflection on the how a notable leader has impacted the student’s life. The written recommendations by faculty, staff, employers, community leaders should attest to the candidate’s skills and potential for successful performance as a Trojan Leaders. Ratings will determine which students are invited for an interview and which students are admitted to the program.