The Office of the Vice President for Student Success and Engagement has established a prestigious leadership program at Virginia State University.

Student engagement at Virginia State University must be coordinated and intentional if we are to be successful in teaching our newest students about Virginia State University’s history, expectations and legacy. To foster this education, students would first be invited to apply for a leadership position in the Trojan Leadership Program (TLP). The TLP is responsible for mentoring first time VSU students in the advancement of their individual brand, with the development of their personal and academic identity, and by honoring the mission statement, traditions and values of VSU. Trojan leaders will also attend the University’s lyceum series, ceremonial occasions and other high level university events. The Trojan Leaders will attend the mandatory leadership retreat, attend monthly mentorship seminars, commit to a minimum of one academic year of service and meet other program requirements as delineated.

The TLP program benefits are as follows:

  • Trojan Leaders will have the opportunity to mentor students and promote the values and ideals of Virginia State University.

  • Trojan Leaders will learn transferable skills that will prepare them for leadership in their careers and life.

  • Trojan Leaders will have many opportunities to network with VSU Executive Leadership, corporate partners, and special University guests.

    Trojan Leaders will be provided a certificate at program completion and a letter of recommendation from the Vice President for Student Success and Engagement.

Core Values & Beliefs

  • Ethics - Gives an honest and timely report of actions, progress and outcomes even if it is difficult or unpopular

  • Results - Excels at getting the “right” things done in the “right” way on time by working with other people and making effective and timely decisions

  • People - Treats others and their opinions with respect

  • Innovation - Pursues new learning and embraces alternative thinking for solving problems and getting the desired results

  • Leveraging Difference - Sees, appreciates, and values relevant differences among people to achieve desired results

  • Resilience - Recovers quickly from difficulties and demonstrates personal uplift to bounce back

  • Leadership - Influences the efforts of others to achieve desired positive results