Freshman Application Process

The goal of the Office of Admissions is to provide you with an admissions decision as quickly as possible.  Even though we are an HBCU with a free application fee, it is in your best interest to start this process early. Completed applications received in the Admissions Office by March 1st will be reviewed before the Virginia State University Financial Aid Priority deadline of March 31st.  Be sure to follow the Virginia State University application process closely. 

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VSU Application Deadlines 

Virginia State University Office of Admissions deadline is May 1st. Our deadline is aligned with National College Decision Day. On this day, high school seniors who applied and were accepted to a college confirm their enrollment with the school of their choice. Don’t wait—apply online today! 

Our peak application receipt time is from December to March. We receive hundreds of VSU applications and thousands of additional documents that we must compile together. Due to the heavy volume of applications submitted and mail received, retrieving applications and matching all materials together can take several weeks. 

Pathways to admission and merit-based scholarships 

Extending our commitment to admitting students possessing a diverse range of talents and abilities, we now offer students options to apply for admission and merit-based scholarships with or without the submission of standardized test scores. 

All applicants are expected to complete a college-preparatory or advanced studies program in high school. The selected program must include: 

  • 4 units of English 
  • 3 units of Mathematics (Algebra I and higher) 
  • 2 units of Science (1 laboratory science; i.e. Biology, Chemistry or Physics) 
  • 2 units of Social Studies (History, Government, Civics, Geography) 
  • 2 Units of Foreign Language recommended (not required) 

Traditional Admission 

Freshman students applying for traditional admission must submit the following: 

  • An online application (Available FREE at 
  • High school or GED transcript 
  • PDF can be uploaded directly to your application, your high school may send electronically through a secure site, or mailed in a sealed envelope
    • Virginia State University
      Office of Admissions
      PO Box 9018
      Petersburg, VA 23806
  • SAT and/or ACT scores 
  • Official Score Report PDF can be uploaded directly to your application or sent electronically from College Board or ACT. 
  • Screenshots, pictures, and incomplete reports of scores are not accepted

Test-Optional Admission

Virginia State University has implemented a test-optional evaluation process for all applicants. Students are considered for admission with emphasis placed on their core classes and are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores to be considered for admission and merit-based scholarships. 

Virginia College Affordability Network (VCAN)

Students that live within 25-miles from campus and are FAFSA Pell-eligible can be awarded the free-tution VCAN scholarship.

  • Complete the VSU online application and meet admission requirements
  • Have a completed FAFSA on file with VSU (Virginia State University's school code is 003764) and be Pell-eligible
  • Live 25 miles away from VSU's campus
  • Be a first-time freshman


Students are evaluated for merit-based scholarships during the admission process with or without the submission of SAT or ACT test scoresQualified students are notified of scholarship status 2-3 weeks after admission. Students seeking qualification from AP/IB/DE* courses in-progress must submit an updated transcript reflecting a grade of “B” or better for consideration.

Scholarship qualifications are as follows:

PROVOST SCHOLARSHIP - $6,500.00 (renewable) 

  • 3.0 GPA and 1080 SAT or 21 ACT 


  • 3.5 GPA and one (1) of the following: 
  • Ranked in top 25% of class 
  • Two (2) AP/IB/DE courses with grade “B” or better 
  • Valedictorian or Salutatorian

PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLARSHIP - $10,000.00 (renewable) 

  • 3.2 GPA and 1170 SAT or 24 ACT 


  • 3.75 GPA and one (1) of the following: 
  • Ranked in top 15% of class 
  • Three (3) AP/IB/DE classes with grade “B” or better 
  • Valedictorian or Salutatorian 

*AP – Advanced Placement, IB – International Baccalaureate, DE – Dual Enrollment

Self-Reported Transcript

Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) is now an option for first-time students to provide their high school record as part of the online application process. Students have the option to accurately enter their cumulative grade point average (GPA), junior year courses, and grades into their application. It is important students report courses and grades exactly as they appear on their high school transcript. We suggest students have a copy of their high school transcript on hand when completing this task. 

Self-reporting does not guarantee a decision will be made. In some cases, the VSU Admissions team may request the student’s transcript to make a decision. Students who self-report are not considered for merit based scholarships. Students can upload their full PDF transcript to their application or request a copy be sent from their counselor to the University through a secure site. 

An official final transcript displaying the graduation date and final GPA must be received by the Admission Office by July 1st. 

A word about test scores

The SAT Total Score is determined by adding the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math scores. The writing score is not used in the admission decision process. When the test is taken more than once, the highest score achieved in each category is used to calculate the total (often called the super-score). 

The ACT is also “super-scored” by averaging the highest score achieved in each of the 4 test categories (English, Math Reading and Science). 

Submission of test scores, although optional, are encouraged as it will not negatively impact admission or scholarship consideration. We encourage students to take the test(s) more than once. Visit or to view test schedules register for a testThe College Board site is available in Spanish at  

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