VSU GPA Calculator

Please note that the VSU GPA calculator is a tool is provided solely for your convenience, and that any calculations should not be considered your official GPA.

If you experience problems while using the GPA calculator, please email the Registrar's Office so any issues can be addressed immediately.

Cumulative GPA

If you have previously calculated your GPA using this tool, you can quickly incorporate that information in this calculation. Enter the quality points and total number of credits from any previous calcualation below.

Course Name Number of Credits Letter Grade S/SP/U/W Course Major or Group Quality Points


After calculating all of the data you have entered above, your results are displayed below.

Results Table Total No. of Credits Grade Point Average Total Quality Points
Cumulative 0 0 0
Major/Group 0 0 0

Letter Grade / Grade Point Average

This is the typical GPA classification breakdown.

A : 4.00 B : 3.00 C : 2.00 D : 1.00 F : 0.00