Account Holds

Unpaid and Overdue Accounts

  • A Hold will be placed on a student’s account when there is a delinquent payment due to the University. This hold will prevent registering for classes and obtaining a housing assignment for the following semester.

  • Amounts due to the University must be paid, in full, before any holds are removed and before receiving classes or a housing assignment. The University reserves the right to require payments in guaranteed funds before hold removal.

  • If a student receives a housing assignment during the pre-housing period and subsequently incurs a balance due, the housing assignment may be revoked. The assignment can be reinstated when balances due are paid, contingent upon the availability of rooms.

  • Grades will be withheld and the student will not be granted a transcript, diploma or certificate until all financial obligations to the University are resolved.

  • Unpaid/delinquent accounts may be referred to the University’s Collection Unit for activity. Collection activity can include referral of the account to a private collection agency, submission of the account for litigation by the Office of the Attorney General, Private Collection Agency and to the Department of Taxation’s, Tax Debt Set-Off program.