VSU Parking Policy



The University Parking Committee has developed the motor vehicle rules and regulations. They apply to all individuals who operate motor vehicles on Virginia State University (VSU) campus.  For the purpose of these regulations, motor vehicles include all self-propelled vehicles, which may or may not require state licenses. All University roads and grounds come under the jurisdiction of procedures and regulations set forth in this policy. VSU Police Officers and Security Officers, as designated, are authorized to enforce these procedures and regulations in the interest of the safety of individuals and property. The operation of motor vehicles on the campus of Virginia State University is a privilege granted by the University. This privilege is extended to faculty, staff, students and authorized visitors to the campus. Failure to adhere to these regulations as well as the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, may result in a warning or citation and the loss of parking privileges on the campus of Virginia State University. 

The official motor vehicle rules and regulations of Virginia State University outlined in this document, supplements, but do not supersede, regulations established by the Division of Motor Vehicles of the Commonwealth of Virginia. These procedures and regulations replace all previously published University parking procedures and regulations and remain in effect until revised or rescinded by the University Parking Committee. These procedures and regulations complement other published University documents. All affected parties should carefully read this document and become familiar with its contents. Additional parking information is available to VSU students in the Student Handbook, issued by the Office of Student Conduct. The Committee reserves the right to amend this document and publish any changes to these regulations that it deems are in the best interest of public safety and security and comply with the rules and regulations mandated by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Virginia State University Board of Visitors. 

The parking program of the University operates as an Auxiliary Enterprise and fees have been developed to support all costs associated with the program’s administration. Requests for special parking needs which are not discussed herein should be directed to the AVP for Public Safety/Chief of Police for assessment based on merit and space availability. The University Parking Committee shall be the final authority on matters of parking policy as it relates to parking on the campus of Virginia State University. However, all parking violations may be appealed directly to the University Parking Appeals Committee (See Section XII, Appeal Procedures, of this document), within five (5) days of the violation. 

This document further provides information relevant to guests of faculty, staff, and students. 



All vehicles parked on campus must display a valid University parking decal. Purchasing a decal does not guarantee you a parking space. All employees and students who are disabled are required to have a state-issued handicapped plate and/or placard, a VSU handicapped parking permit (free of charge), and a VSU decal. 

  • Annual Parking Decals 

Annual parking decals are required on all vehicles parked continually on the University campus. There are four types of annual parking decals: (1) Executive Reserved; (2) Faculty and Staff Restricted; (3) Contracted and (4) Student. The differences among these decals are the cost of registration fees (See Section V, Decal Fees, of this document) and parking lot restrictions (See Section IX, Parking Areas, of this document). Decals are for the academic school year, valid from September 1st, to August 31st, and parking is allowed only in the designated lots per the type of decal on the vehicle. 

  • Retired Faculty Emeriti 

Occasionally the University issues, at no cost, a decal reserved for Retired Faculty Emeriti. The University Administration approves the issuance of this special decal to retired faculty who have bestowed the honorary status of faculty emeriti. This designation allows the honoree to park in any non-restricted parking area on campus. 

III. TYPES OF PARKING PASSES A. Guests of the University

Faculty and staff members who host workshops, conferences, etc., are responsible for obtaining parking passes for guests from the Police Department. It is the responsibility of the host faculty/staff member to ensure that the pass is issued only to the specific guest(s) for whom it is requested. These passes may be processed and mailed in advance for the convenience of the persons for whom they are issued. Reproduction of these passes is prohibited. Parking Lot #7 is designated the official visitors’ parking lot. If a designated guest space is not available in Lot #7 or if other arrangements have not been coordinated beforehand with the Police Department. 

  • Visitor Passes 

All other visitors to the campus should immediately report to the Police Department Headquarters building to obtain a temporary parking pass before utilizing campus lots. Visitors should first report to Lot #7 after receiving a temporary parking pass and park in any available marked visitor space. In the event there is no available space, visitors are allowed to park in any open parking space in any other lot except those restricted for service vehicles, handicapped spaces, and executive reserved spaces. 

  • Vendor/Contractor Passes 

Contractors/vendors providing temporary services to the University may only park in spaces designated for them. All vendors/contractors should immediately report to the Police Department Headquarters building to obtain a temporary parking pass before utilizing campus lots. Contractor/vendor vehicles must display their parking pass at all times. The pass must indicate the company's name, campus location, vehicle license plate, and expiration date. Thevendor/contractor temporary pass can be valid for up to 30 days. 

  • Handicapped Permits

A faculty/staff member or student who has been issued a “Handicapped”

permit by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will also be issued a VSU handicapped permit, at no charge, upon purchase of a VSU decal. This permit must be displayed either as a part of the state tag or hung from the driver’s rearview mirror. This permit will identify the faculty/staff member or student as the authorized handicap permit holder. Individuals who use handicap permits issued to others or use handicap spaces without the VSU and state permit will be cited. Vehicles used to transport a disabled individual or passenger may park in handicap spaces if the handicapped person is present and the proper decal/ permits discussed above are displayed.

Any vehicle operated by visitors who have been issued a “Handicapped” permit by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may park in spaces specifically marked for the handicapped throughout the campus and must display a valid VSU visitor’s pass issued by the VSU Police Department.

  • Special Events 

Special events are those occasions that require one-time parking privileges. These occasions include, but are not limited to: Fall Convocation, Founders Day, Commencement Weekend, Intercollegiate Athletic Events, and University-Sponsored Cultural Events. The AVP for Public Safety/Chief of Police will declare parking for these occasions as open and free to the public and/or reserved. 

  • Other Permits 

(1) Temporary Replacement Vehicles  All employees and students requiring temporary parking privileges should report to the VSU Police Department for registration and issuance of a temporary parking pass valid for two consecutive days. This temporary pass will only be honored upon verification of a previously purchased decal that is still valid. An employee or student who needs a temporary pass because their registered vehicle is being serviced and has a rental vehicle, must present a renter agreement as proof before a pass can be issued for an extended period. 

(2) ROTC Reserved Parking There are several parking spaces in close proximity to the ROTC building that are designated for official ROTC

government vehicle parking only. No other vehicles are allowed in these spaces before 6:00 p.m. on weekdays. 

(3) Cross-Enrolled Student Parking ROTC students and students who are registered at other institutions, who are enrolled in classes at VSU, and who have registered vehicles at their respective schools will be issued VSU decals at no cost. However, these students must produce evidence that their vehicle is registered at the school they attend. 



Parking decals are valid September 1st  through August 31st  for each academic year. Each person who registers a vehicle shall be provided a copy of the Virginia State University Parking, Policy, Rules and Regulations manual

The appropriate parking decal will be issued by the University Cashier's Office upon receipt of a (1) Motor Vehicle Registration Application, (2) a valid copy of a current state vehicle registration, (3) Valid Driver’s license, (4) the applicable registration fee, and (5) VSU identification card. Faculty and staff, who register more than one vehicle, must produce a valid permanent state registration document for each vehicle.

To obtain a decal, you must complete the Decal Registration Application and submit it to the VSU  Parking Portal. The VSU Police Department will investigate any information found to be knowingly false on this application.

To purchase a decal, the individual must sign the “Authorization and Certification” section of the registration application to allow delinquent or unpaid traffic violations to be deducted from his/her wages or student account. Failure to do so will result in denial of a decal purchase. No decals and/or temporary passes may be obtained by

faculty, staff, contracted employees or students with outstanding citations unless the Authorization and Certification process has begun or the citation(s) on record is under appeal prior to the date of attempted obtainment.  All decal sales are final. 

No more than a total of three decals may be issued to any member of the faculty or staff. No more than one decal may be issued to a student.

No decal may be issued for any additional or replacement vehicle unless (1) the state registration bears the same name or names as shown for the first vehicle registered, or (2) bears the same address. Any registration for an automobile that does not bear the full name of the employee or student, or at least the same surname, can be approved only by the AVP for Public Safety/Chief of Police.

No decal may be issued to incoming freshmen, to include on and off- campus students, unless written authorization is received from the Director of Student Conduct.

Students, both undergraduate and graduate, who are hourly employees may only apply for a student decal and may not receive a faculty/staff decal. However, graduate students who are full-time employees are eligible for a faculty/staff decal. 

Students whose employment with the University is under College Work Study or similar programs that are incidental to their main function as a student may apply only for a student decal and may not receive a faculty/staff decal.

All faculty and staff, including contracted employees, must obtain clearance signatures from the Cashier's Office for traffic citations in order to receive their final paycheck. Payment made upon separation

must be in the form of cash, money order, credit card, cashier’s check, or other certified funds. No personal checks will be accepted.

Registration of a vehicle is not complete until the decal is displayed properly. A valid decal must be securely affixed to the backside of the rearview mirror facing the windshield. Taping the decal to any part of the vehicle is not permissible. Decals displayed improperly will constitute an improper display violation.


All annual decals are valid for the period beginning September 1st  through

August 31st, per academic year. However, decals sold on the dates shown below will be prorated and sold at the prices indicated in the table. 






Purchase Date


Aug 1-

Dec 1



Dec 2-

May 15

(pro-rated Spring)



May 16-

Jul 31

(pro-rated Summer)


Executive Reserved








Faculty/Staff Restricted








Student (Full & Part-Time)
















Replacement Decal Fee








Second Vehicle Fee








  • Definitions: 

Executive Reserved- These decals will be sold only to the President, Vice-Presidents, Associate Vice-Presidents and Deans. These spaces will be in the faculty lot closest to their buildings and will include a sign designating the space as being reserved for that person by official title only. Example: "Reserved Parking Dean, School of Business."

Faculty/Staff Restricted- These decals will be sold only to faculty and staff (classified and contracted employees). This decal allows the holder to park in any space, except a "reserved" space, in any lot, which is, designated "Faculty/Staff" on a first come, first served basis.

Contracted Employee Decal – These decals will be sold only to contracted employees who work with GCA Services, Thompson Hospitality and staff of the Multi-Purpose Complex for Virginia State University.  This decal allows the holder to park in any space, except a “reserved” space, in any lot, which is, designated “Faculty/Staff” on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Pre-Tax Payroll Deduction for Parking Decal  - The purpose of the program is to allow University Employees to pay for parking expenses on a pre-tax basis through payroll deduction. The parking fees will be deducted from the employee’s paycheck before federal, state, and FICA taxes are computed, thereby resulting in a tax savings. VSU faculty and staff are eligible for this payment arrangement if continuously employed at the University, and they do not have any outstanding parking fines. Employees must complete “The Pre-Tax Parking Fee Program Salary Reduction Agreement form.” The Salary Reduction form, Employee Motor Vehicle Registration Application and a copy of the current vehicle registration card and readable copy of driver’s license must be returned to the Cashier’s Office starting August 1. The pre-tax payroll deduction from the employee’s paycheck will be processed in four installments based on approval of the salary reduction agreement form by the Payroll Office. VSU employees must elect to participate in the pre-tax parking fee program each year.  Summer decals are a one-time payment or one-time payroll deduction.

Student- These decals will be sold only to students who are validated or officially enrolled. This decal allows the holder to park in any lot designated as "Student Parking." No decal may be issued to incoming freshmen students unless written authorization is received from the Director of Student Conduct.  Students are allowed to only have one (1) parking decal per year.  If necessary, to get a replacement decal, the original must be removed and brought to the VSU Police Department to obtain documentation to secure a replacement decal.

Daily- Are available for VISITORS ONLY, except the spaces designated for employees, in Lot #7, located between Jackson Place and Barnes Street at University Avenue. Passes are required for this lot.

This lot is designated primarily for guests and short-term visitors of the

University between the hours of 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


If a decal is lost (a decal deemed not stolen by Police Department  personnel through investigation and/or inquiry), it should be reported immediately to the VSU Police Department. Upon arrival, the complainant must complete documentation (Lost Decal Form) for University record, and a replacement decal will be issued at full purchase price. The University will not be held liable for lost decals and will not issue a refund for any decal once it has been issued. All decal sales are final. 

If a decal is stolen, it should be reported immediately to the VSU Police Department. Upon arrival, the complainant must complete documentation (Stolen Decal Form) for University record. A new decal will be issued at a replacement cost of $3.00, provided that evidence of a valid police report is produced and a sworn affidavit is completed certifying the theft. The University will not be held liable for stolen decals and will not issue a refund for any decal once it has been issued. All decal sales are final. 

If a vehicle is sold, destroyed or being replaced with another vehicle, then a replacement decal will be provided. If an individual disposes of a vehicle, the decal should be removed. An identifiable portion of the decal, which was removed, must be taken to the VSU Police Department to obtain the necessary document to be taken to the Cashier's Office and a replacement decal will be issued for $3.00. Failure to present an identifiable portion of the decal may result in the registrant being required to pay full cost for a new decal.


In the event a person’s registered vehicle loses its mobility on campus property, they must report it to the VSU Police Department immediately. Upon arrival, they are to obtain an official notice that will list the make and model of their vehicle, along with the state in which it is registered and the lot in which it is located to avoid any citation. If the owner fails to notify the VSU Police Department of their vehicle’s immobility, he/she is fully liable for any parking citations acquired during that time. The vehicle must be removed within 48 hours at the owner’s expense from campus grounds; otherwise, the VSU Police Department will tow the vehicle at the owner’s expense.


Each year, on or before September 1, faculty/staff, contracted and students are required to renew their campus vehicle decal, which expires on August 31. It is the registrant's responsibility to ensure that a current year decal is affixed to his/her vehicle. 


Vehicles must be parked in lots for which decals are valid. The Parking Lot Locator Map is included on pages 12 - 13 and specifies all available faculty, staff, student, and visitor parking lots. The designation of a parking area is subject to change; therefore, information on the sign of a particular lot supersedes the designation in this document. PARKING ON GRASS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


  • Citations

The VSU Police Department is authorized to issue citations for violations of University parking regulations. The University reserves the right to issue multiple citations per violation of occurrence. 

  • Wheel Locks 

To facilitate the enforcement of regulations pertaining to parking, the VSU Police Department may use wheel locks on vehicles that have three or more unpaid citations or upon receipt of a second citation for having “no decal”. To remove wheel locks, the owner or driver of the vehicle must go to the VSU Parking Portal and pay all outstanding parking fines and the wheel lock fee. The wheel lock fee is $100. All payment receipts must be provided to the police department for wheel locks to be removed from the vehicle. 

  • Removal of the wheel lock by unauthorized personnel is subject to a $100.00 fine in addition to the $100.00 wheel lock fee to be paid to the University. **Note: this is a criminal offense and may also be subject to criminal prosecution.** 
  • In certain circumstances and at the owner’s expense, vehicles may be towed in lieu of being wheel locked. 
  • Failure to pay all fines within 48 hours of having wheel locks applied will result in the towing of the vehicle.
  • Towing 

Vehicles may be towed immediately at the owner's expense under the following circumstances: 

  1.  When a vehicle is illegally parked and restricting.
  2.  When a vehicle is illegally parked in a Handicapped Zone, Loading Zone, Fire Lane, or prohibited areas listed.
  3.  When the location of the vehicle poses an immediate safety/security concern.
  4.  When three or more unpaid citations have accumulated on the same vehicle.
  5.  When a vehicle is violating DMV Motor Vehicle Operational.
  6.  When parking privileges have been.
  • Revocation of Parking Privileges

Upon receipt of three (3) parking violations for “no decal,” the registrant will forfeit the privilege of parking on campus for the remainder of the academic year. Parking a vehicle on University grounds after such parking privileges have been revoked shall result in the implementation of a wheel lock or tow sanctions. 

If a tow truck is already en route, the person responsible for the vehicle will still be required to pay towing costs before being permitted to move the vehicle. If a vehicle is towed, the owner or person responsible must report to the VSU Police Department to arrange recovery of the vehicle. 

  • Violations 



Parking in Handicapped Space



Parking in Handicapped Loading Zone Space


Parking in Reserved Space



Parking an Unregistered/Unauthorized Vehicle on

University Property (No decal/pass displayed)



Parking in Fire Lane/Within 15 Ft. of Fire Hydrant



Parking on Sidewalk, Crosswalk, Driveways or Grass/Dirt



Application of Wheel Lock



Parking in Faculty/Staff Lot



Parking in a Restricted Area



Exceeding Posted Time Limit



Improper/Double Parking



Blocking Normal Flow of Traffic



Parking Against Flow of Traffic



Blocking Another Vehicle


Parking in a Loading Zone



Improper Display of Registered Decal



Illegal Removal of Wheel Lock



  •  DMV Violations 

Virginia Uniform Traffic Summons issued by the Police for traffic violations must be adjudicated in the General District Court in Chesterfield County.



Parking citations must be paid within five (5) business days of issuance unless the citation is in the appeal process. All Payments can be made on the VSU Parking Portal. 

Employees and students who fail to pay outstanding parking fines within thirty (30) days upon receipt of the citation could be subject to the collection procedures mandated by the Commonwealth of Virginia for past due accounts. For employees, a payroll deduction will be processed against their regular paycheck. Payroll deduction will occur once the Cashier’s Office approved list is forwarded to the Payroll Office. For students with unpaid citations, the Student Accounts office will charge the student's account. All balances must be paid prior to registration in a subsequent semester, issuance of transcripts, or issuance of a diploma. 

Upon the termination of employment with the University, all faculty or staff, including hourly employees and contractual or temporary staff, must gain clearance signatures from the Cashier’s Office for parking violations to receive their final paychecks. Payments made upon separation must be in the form of cash, money order, credit card, cashier's check or other certified funds. No personal checks will be accepted.


Any person has the right to appeal a citation(s) with a valid reason. All appeals must be submitted within five (5) business days of the alleged violation through the VSU Parking Portal. 


NOTE: Generally, the following have NOT been recognized as valid reasons for upholding citations, but not limited to: 

  • Ignorance of the regulations
  • Late arrival for classes, appointments, etc.
  • Inability to find a convenient legal parking space
  • Inclement weather
  • Returning to campus late at night 

Appeal Procedure 

  • Appeals must be filed online through the VSU Parking Portal, parking.vsu.edu, within five (5) working days of citation receipt. (Receipt is defined as the day following the issuance of the citation.)
  • Reviews will be considered based on the written record. (Individuals may appear before the review panel upon request.)
  • The Parking Appeal Committee may uphold or deny the original citation.
  • The Parking Appeal Committee shall review the citation after submission of the online appeal.
  • The Parking Appeal Committee may, at its discretion, seek clarification from all parties involved in the matter under review.
  • The findings of the Parking Committee are final and e-mailed to you.
  • There are no verbal decisions provided.
  • Any e-mail correspondence ‘returned’ will not be sent a second time. (Please make sure e-mail address is accurate upon submission). 


The VSU Controller's Office, through the Offices of Student Accounts, Payroll, and Cashier, is charged with the collection of all past due fines and citation fees. In accordance with Commonwealth guidelines, they will use all “reasonable” methods of collection. Any unpaid debt owed to the University that is referred to the Collections Section of Student Accounts is subject to a full range of collection actions. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of: payroll deduction, collection agencies, State Debt Set-Off, processes placing holds on student accounts, withholding the issuance of a student refund, and reporting the debt to a credit reporting agency. A financial hold prevents registration, receiving grades and transcripts, and receiving a diploma upon graduation. These collection procedures will be applied to owners of the vehicles for which the parking citation was issued and/or to registrants of those vehicles, including any university employee or student. Any debtor to the University will be liable for ALL costs incurred in the collection of the debt, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.


The issuance of parking citations on the VSU campus is a civil responsibility of the VSU Police Department. Therefore, the AVP for Public Safety/Chief of Police is the only assigned authority to administratively void, or rescind, an issued parking citation. The AVP for Public Safety/Chief of Police shall retain documented records of all “voided” parking citations that he or his designated representative authorizes. He shall make a monthly report available to the Committee and the Auditor.  Any request to void an issued parking citation shall be made IN WRITING to the AVP for Public Safety/Chief of Police, with appropriate justification(s) included therein.


Questions concerning the University's parking regulations may be forwarded to the Parking Committee Chairman via email parking@vsu.edu. In addition, general inquires may be made by calling 804-524-5223. Questions regarding payment of fines/all fees should be directed to the Cashier's Office at 804-524-5150.

The University Parking Committee Members are: 

AVP for Public Safety/Chief of Police/Parking Committee Chairman 
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs 
Director of Student Activities 
Associate Vice President of Finance and Administration 
Director of Facilities and Services 
Chairman, Staff Senate 
Chairman, Faculty Senate 
President, Student Government Association 


Virginia State University Police Department
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Parking Inquiries: 804-524-5223 or parking@vsu.edu
Emergencies: 804-524-5411
Non-Emergencies: 804-524-5360

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