Parking Enforcement Division

An integral component of the Police Department is the Parking/Traffic Section. The Parking/Traffic Enforcement Section enforces parking procedures and regulations that are set forth by the Virginia State University Parking Policy.

This Section reports to the Police Administrative Sergeant and it has responsibilities to educate vehicle users of the policies governing parking on campus. This Section is also responsible for coordinating traffic control for special events on campus. The Section conducts surveys to ensure that proper signage is in place on campus and it assists Facilities Management with repaving and re-stripping of university streets and parking lots.

The rules and regulations promulgated by the Parking Policy are strictly enforced on a regular basis. Violators are responsible for becoming familiar with all appropriate rules on parking on campus. Once a violator is ticketed, he has an automatic right to appeal that ticket to the University Parking Appeals committee. The collection box for the appeals forms is located at 21012 Service Road in the Lobby of the Police Headquarters.  Appeals must be received within five (5) working days from the issuance of the ticket. In addition, the ticket must be paid, if not appealed, within five days from its issuance date.

Upon the receipt of three unpaid parking tickets, a violator's vehicle is booted. If the violator does not pay his obligations and have the boot removed within 24 hours, then the vehicle is towed from campus. Additional penalties are then assessed to remove the boot and to recover the vehicle from the storage facility.

Students with a parking decal are reminded to park only in clearly designated student lots from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Students may park in any designated parking lot AFTER 6:00pm, providing they remove the car by 7:00am, if they park in a faculty/staff parking lot.  Staff and faculty may park in ANY non-restricted parking area on campus.

VSU Parking Policy

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