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At Virginia State University, we know cost is an important factor when making your higher education decision. Our tuition calculator is designed to help you determine the potential cost of attending VSU for the upcoming semester. Please note that each student is unique, so this tool only provides an estimate for VSU tuition and fees. Additional charges may apply depending on your needs.

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Tuition $0.00
Technology & Infrastructure Fee $0.00
Comprehensive Fee $0.00
Debt Service Fee $0.00
State Capital Outlay Fee $0.00
Course Miscellaneous Fees $0.00
Course Material Fees $0.00
Room $0.00
Board $0.00
Subtotal $0.00

Balance Due Estimate

Estimated Balance Due

Note: This is an estimated Balance Due. This estimate does not include the following course specific fees: material; lab; chemistry; art, music, water safety. These fees will calculate and be reflected on the initial billing issued the first week in July.