Academic Advisement

Our Academic Advisors are here to help you navigate through your first year as a Trojan.  All VSU freshmen are assigned an Advisor based upon your major.  We strongly encourage you to meet with your Advisor early and often throughout the semester.   

What should you expect from your Advisor? 

Assistance with academic planning and course selections.  

Assistance with selecting an appropriate major. 

Knowledge of campus resources and support services. 

Knowledge of VSU academic policies and the registration process. 

Why should you meet with your Advisor? 

If you have questions or concerns about your chosen major or field of study. 

If you have questions about your curriculum or class schedule. 

For assistance with selecting and registering for classes. 

For guidance with exploring major and career options.  

When should you meet with your Advisor? 

Advisors are available throughout the semester.  It is recommended that you see your Advisor at least twice each semester.  

Prior to registration.  It is strongly recommended that students seek advisement each semester prior to registering for courses.  

If you are experiencing difficulties in any of your courses.   

To ask questions about getting involved on campus and becoming an active Trojan!

Academic Advising works closely with you and faculty to ensure that you have the support needed to obtain a degree conducive to your life, educational, and career goals.

We look forward to assisting you through your academic journey here at Virginia State University. 

Schedule your appointment!