Judicial Affairs

Disciplinary Standards and Procedures

By authority of the Board of Visitors, the President is delegated the responsibility and authority for establishing and enforcing regulations governing student life. The President has further delegated these responsibilities and authority to the Vice President for Student Affairs and University Police Chief, respectively. The regulations are designed to enable the University to protect itself and its members against the conduct of those who would impair or infringe upon the disciplinary rules and regulations of the University. The regulations and procedures contained herein were formulated through the process of shared governance. This fact in no way abrogates the authority granted by the Board of Visitors to the President and his designee(s) to determine, to manage, and to maintain a system of discipline and safety in the University community. The Board of Visitors and the administration may alter or modify the rules and regulations concerning student conduct and discipline at any time.

The judicial process is authorized to make a determination as to whether the student's conduct is in violation of the Student Code of Conduct. The applicable criterion of review is the preponderance of the evidence standard. Evidence, both verbal and in other respects, is presented by the parties and/or witnesses called by the parties. Evidence presented may be in the form of, but is not limited to: (a) oral or written testimony from parties or witnesses; (b) affidavits, depositions; (c) police reports and memoranda; (d) properly signed court documents; and (e) other taped or written statements.