Underwriting Guidelines

WVST-FM is a non-commercial, fully digital Jazz
radio station, primarily serving the Tri-Cities region, provides an excellent method to extend the reach of your business or organization. At 2,200 watts, WVST will provide a strong presence in the Tri-Cities, as well as surrounding communities.

WVST's broadcast area includes: Petersburg, Ettrick, Colonial Heights, Hopewell, Chesterfield, Chester, Dinwiddie, parts of Prince George and Charles City,and a presence in the southern and eastern parts of Richmond.

Why Underwrite?

WVST 91.3 FM is a non-commercial, educational radio station whose license is held by Virginia State University. Jazz, R&B, Reggae, Urban, Virginia News, Sports and Public Affairs programs are broadcast 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Listeners (and Staff) represent a genuine cross section of the community: business people, retirees, faculty, alumni, students and residents of the area. These are the people who will hear your message through the Tri-City Area.

WVST 91.3 FM broadcast range has a 25-30 mile radius.

How Does Underwriting Work?

WVST 91.3 FM is owned by and located at Virginia State University (VSU). VSU is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and therefore all donations including underwriting are tax-deductible.

As an alternative to advertising, underwriting is a way for you or your business (or non-profit organization) to gain community-wide recognition for your support of WVST and it’s commitment to quality and diverse programming. In addition to being a very wise investment for you, the on-air acknowledgements enhance your image as participants in, and supporters of organizations in our community. With over fifteen programs per week, ranging in length from 2 minutes to 4 hours, there are many from which to choose that will most effectively showcase your business or organization.

You may elect to underwrite one or more regular programs. In return, the announcer of the sponsored program will read your message. (see FCC Regulations and sample underwriting)

Underwriting Contract commitments vary and an advance installment is required. Contact WVST at (804) 524-6725 for rate sheets “Underwriter Sponsor Sheet” and payment alternative.

What Content may I have in my Underwriting Announcement?

WVST 91.3 FM is committed to creating high quality, professional-sounding announcements. An Underwriter Representative will work with you to maximize your message within the parameters set by the FCC (see FCC Underwriting Guidelines attached). We are confident that you will be satisfied with our representation of your business. To receive a complete Underwriting Packet or for information on pricing, contracts and other aspects of WVST’s sponsorship, please contact us today at (804) 524-6725.

FCC/WVST Underwriting Regulations and Policies

Due to FCC regulations of non-commercial airwaves there are several rules we must abide by in any underwriting announcement. The following is a brief description of what can and cannot be used:

Legal or trade name must be stated to identify the underwriter.

Any, or all, of the following, may be used in acknowledgment copy:

  • Telephone number, email address, website and location of business or area served.
  • Days of operation
  • A listing of up three (3) products or services
  • Product origin “Belgium Waffles” or “French Bread”
  • Intended use of product, “Men’s Suits” or “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner”
  • Product content, “Silk Blouses” “Leather Shoes”
  • Form of delivery, or method of preparation, “made from grapes” or “cooked with herbs”

None of the following may be used in acknowledgment copy:

  • Qualitative language, (handcrafted; homemade; great; wonderful)
  • Comparative language, (better; most)
  • “Calls to Action” (call today, come by)
  • Location of business using another business as a reference, (located next to or near by)
  • Number of years in business (serving the community for over 20 years)
  • First person statements, (I urge you…)
  • Second person statements, (you can stop by…)

Corporate non-promotional slogans may be used in underwriting acknowledgments if they are in well-established use by the business and the wording stays within the spirit of these guidelines and FCC regulations.

Underwriters may state for the arts in general terms, but may only name WVST specifically, (the arts and WVST)

All underwriting copy, including corporate slogans, is subject to approval of the Station Manager of WVST 91.3 FM.

Underwriting is support for current programs at WVST. Financial support does not in any way imply that sponsors may influence program content or programming decisions.

WVST Sample Underwriting Announcements

:15 Announcements

Jackson’s Garage is a proud sponsor of the “Trojansmash!” Located at1212 S. Sycamore Street, in Petersburg, their number is 804 765-4321. Jackson’s Garage for car repair and detailing.

This program is brought to you by Ms. Tyson Hair Care and Nail Salon,567 Main Street, downtown Petersburg. For hair and body needs. Open Mondays from noon to nine.

Noon Inspirations” is supported by “Feed the Mind Christian Book Store” located at 456 Temple Street in Colonial Heights. Knowledge is Power at Feed the Mind Christian Book Store. (804) 123-4567, that’s (804) 123-4567.

:30 Spot Announcement

JC Educational Center,8910 Washington Avenue in Petersburg, offers tutoring for first grade to High School students. Classes are Monday through Friday, 2:30 to 7:00 pm. For more information contact the main office at (804) 654-3219.

Grandma Jenny’s Country Kitchen, 1010 Richmond Road in Petersburg, serves pound cake with every lunch order. Lunch is served from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and Dinner from 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm. Served daily: ice tea and cornbread with every meal. Office delivery is available, (804) 987-6543 or (804) 876-5432.