Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)

Activity Director: Dr. Alexis Brooks-Walter

The ACE project provides a conducive learning environment and friendly atmosphere designed to promote academic excellence among students and reinforce academic and social well-being. This includes the Strategic Learning Unit (formerly University College), the Academic Advising Unit, Career Services, the Trojan Odyssey Unit, and Student Orientation Program.

Campus Technology Initiatives

Activity Director: Mr. Maurion Edwards

This activity supports the University’s alignment to the strategic initiatives and business processes performed in areas of Banner Course Signals (Early Warning System), Document Management/Workflow, Learning Management System, Business Intelligence and Date Mart, Student Portal, Student Organization System, Student Conduct Case Management System, Banner Fixed Asset, and Travel and Expense.

Enhancement of Financial Aid

Activity Director: Mrs. Myra Phillips

The Enhancement of Financial Aid Activity provides support enhanced with customer service, the implementation of mandated regulations, and debt management and financial literacy initiatives.

Faculty Development

Activity Directors: Dr. Donald Palm/Dr. Tia A. Minnis

The Faculty Development Activity provides support to the faculty for the enhancement of professional growth and development to enhance the academic infrastructure.

Institutional Effectiveness Administration

Activity Director: Dr. Tia A. Minnis

The objective of this activity is to establish a framework for effective planning, assessment, and evaluation enhancing endeavors so that they become an integral component of the University’s infrastructure. Title III support enables VSU to provide analytics tools, strengthen IE capacity to deliver dashboards, and undertake a more comprehensive approach to its 2018 reaffirmation of accreditation by the SACSCOC.

Student Services

Activity Directors: Dr. Cynthia Ellison

The Division of Student Support Services consists of: Students with Disabilities Program (SWDP), and the University Counseling Center. The student services programs' initiative is to establish and institutionalize living and learning communities which promotes student development and enable students to grow and mature intellectually, socially, emotionally, psychologically, and physically.

Institutional Advancement/Development Office

Activity Director: Ms. Tonya Hall

This activity assists with the University's efforts to enhance the operation of the Development Office through the purchase of fundraising software, and for research capabilities to enhance effectiveness in identifying and cultivating donor prospects.

Library Resources for Academic Programs

Activity Director: Ms. Tessa Perry

This activity provides electronic resources, scholarly research material, and specific databases for undergraduate and graduate students with the assistance of Title III funding and complements access to resources provided by the Virtual Library of Virginia.

Office of the Registrar

Activity Director: Ms. Nedra Jones

The Office of Registrar Activity provides support with enhanced customer service, enhanced graduation processes, and enhanced electronic/virtual services for students and faculty.

Strengthening Professional Education Programs (PEP)

Activity Directors: Dr. Willis Walter/Dr. John Blackwell

This activity assists in the University’s efforts to increase the number of pre-candidates passing PRAXIS and Professional Education Programs and other required national and state assessments to help maintain the vitality of PK–12 classrooms.

Strengthening Endowment Activity

Activity Director: Ms. Tonya Hall

The objective of this activity is to strengthen the endowment capabilities of the University by providing matching funds while fostering increased University independence and self-sufficiency.

SAFRA/Academic Growth and Enhancement

Activity Director: Dr. Donald Palm

The 20/20 Vision Plan calls for continued enrollment growth and expansion of academic offerings with an anticipated total enrollment of 10,000 students by year 2020. Title III assistance supports the maintenance of academic quality as this student growth and expansion takes shape, particularly, in the general education core program and other required courses.

SAFRA/Honors Programs

Activity Director: Dr. Daniel Roberts

Title III support is given to the University specific to training students for an increasingly diverse set of study options while preparing graduates for high job market demands. The Honors Program and Service-Learning and Civic Engagement (SL&CE) programs have increased the number of students attending graduate school, and the number of students participating in a range of partnerships associated with service-learning and civic engagement.

SAFRA/Distance Education Online Program

Activity Directors: Dr. Tia Minnis/Dr. Tammy McClain-Smith

The online education program assists the University in improving student access and success, while contributing to enrollment growth and improved rates of student retention by extending delivery of distance education programs beyond the physical boundaries of VSU’s campus. The continual development of undergraduate and graduate classes and degree programs will solidify the comprehensive campus wide infrastructure for distance education.

Workplace Efficiency

Activity Director: Mrs. Robin Franklin-Morton

The Workplace Efficiency Activity provides support to the staff for the enhancement of professional growth and development to enhance skilled performance of University personnel.