In Need of a Free Peer-Led Study Session?

Do you want to PASS? SI Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are here for you. Are you taking a class that is challenging? The SI PASS can help. Free study sessions.


  • Get greater understanding of course content.
  • Learn how to manage difficult situations.
  • Gain tools and methods for current or another challenging course.
  • Earn higher grades and improve your GPA.
  • Learn how to collaborate with peers.
View the flyer or contact us to sign up.

Any student in a class with an SI leader is eligible based on the courses offered. For instance, if an SI Leader is in a class of 30 students, all 30 students are eligible to participate.

The program is 100% free to students.

No tutoring. No remediation. No lecturing. No instructor. New materials will not be covered.

No. Participation is 100% voluntary.