Post-Award Administration

Post-award Administration deals with how to transact against the grant.

  • Grants will be monitored by OSRP. This monitoring process will include semi-annual visits to PI's. However, it is also the grantee's responsibility to conduct due diligence with respect to grant funds and progress.
  • The grant should be reviewed to ensure that expenditures are occurring in a timely manner in accordance with the time frame for the grant.  All efforts should be made to ensure that any Small Purchase Charge Card expenses are processed well before the end of the grant to ensure that the charges will be cleared before the grant ends.  (We may need to say SPCC should not be used within 30 days of the grant end date.)
  • Grants should be routinely reviewed to ensure that timely corrections are being made for any expenditures that should not be posted to the grant but are recorded in Banner or vice versa.  In accordance with guidance from Federal Grantors, no corrections will be made to grants after 90 days from the posting of expenditures without written approval from the Provost.  (The Controller is working on a policy for this).
  • Expenditures should be reviewed for allowability, allocability, reasonableness, and necessity.
  • The grant should be monitored to ensure that any cost matching has been satisfied.
  • Ensure that time and effort reports agree with the salaried charged to the grant in Banner are accurate.
  • OSRP should be notified of discrepancies as soon as they are noticed. 
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