Hiring Information

It is the policy of the Commonwealth to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, veteran status, political affiliation, genetics, or disability in the recruitment, selection and hiring of its workforce. 

Hiring an Undergraduate or Graduate Student

The student can be hired under the  work-study program.  First, the supervisor will need to complete the Regular Student Employment Request FormPDF download, then mail to Mrs. Tucker-Dugger, Work Study Coordinator.  Mrs. Tucker-Dugger will review the request form then generate a contract.  The supervisor will need to complete and sign an A-21 on the student he/she wishes to hire. The student will have to complete the State of Virginia Employment Application.

The A-21 along with the contract and State application must be sent to the budget office for approval.  It takes about 2-3 weeks once the documents leave the budget office.

Copies of the Student Employment Request Form and the A-21 should be forwarded to OSRP for your grant records.

Hiring a Graduate Student, Hourly or Salaried Employee

Salaried employee

Salaried hires must be the result of a recruitment.  No person may be hired into a classified position without having been interviewed for the position. Although telephone interviews are not prohibited, it is strongly recommended that the candidate meet with the hiring authority before a job offer is made.

All scheduled interviews must be completed before a final selection decision and job offer are made. However, agencies are not required to reschedule interviews with applicants who are unable to be present at the scheduled interview.

Interviews may be conducted by:

  • the hiring authority, or
  • a person or panel of individuals designated by the hiring authority.
Hourly employee

Hourly hires do not have to be the result of a recruitment. 

For both salaried and hourly employees the supervisor will need to complete an A-21(with necessary signatures). In addition, the supervisor should complete a Reference Sheet on the applicant.  The supervisor should check references with the current and at least one former supervisor of the applicant who is the final candidate for the position. Reference information must be documented and retained with other recruitment and selection documents. 

The reference check should attempt to obtain information such as the following:

  • name and title of person giving reference;
  • verification of employment dates;
  • verification of position title;
  • verification of position duties;
  • verification of beginning and ending salaries;
  • training completed; work performance;
  • whether the employer would rehire the applicant; and
  • verification of any license, certification or degree the applicant claims to possess. 

Applicants will need to complete the following documents:

  • State of Virginia Employment Application
  • Authorization For Release of Information
  • Criminal History Record Request Form

The  A-21 along with employment application, release form, criminal history and reference sheet will be routed through appropriate offices for signatures.

Hiring Forms

Authorization for Release of Information

A21 Form

VA State Application w/Supplementary Form

Criminal History Record Request

Reference Sheet