Faculty Awards and Travel Grants

Provost Academic Travel Award

The Provost Academic Travel Award program has been established to provide financial assistance for faculty members who present or participate in academic conferences.  Applications will not be accepted from faculty members who are only attending the meeting.

Application Process

All Provost Academic Travel Awards Applications will be reviewed by a faculty committee. Funding is competitive and the recommendation of the committee will be submitted to the Provost for final approval.  Approval of the travel award is contingent on the availability of funds.

  1. Applicants should complete an online application form
  2. Applications will be reviewed by a faculty committee after the application deadline. An email will be sent to applicants to notify them of the committee’s decision.

  3. If a faculty member is recommended for the Provost Academic Travel Award, they must complete and submit a Virginia State University Travel Authorization Form
  4. If needed, the Lodging Exemption Form should be included with the Travel Authorization Form.
  5. After travel is completed (within 5 business days), faculty members must submit a paper reimbursement form with the appropriate receipts.