Engineering and Computer Science Programs

The Department of Engineering and Computer Science offers undergraduate programs in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Manufacturing Engineering.  These programs prepare students for careers in industry and for further study in graduate programs.  The department also offers a master’s degree in Computer Science.

Computer Engineering Program

Computer engineers design computer-based real-time data acquisition systems. They analyze and design computer hardware and software, and their tradeoffs. In addition, computer engineers are used in an ever-growing number of positions involved with the applications of computers and digital technology. Our program prepares students by providing a strong background in mathematics, statistics, sciences and engineering, with emphasis in computer hardware, software, interfacing, and design.  It also grants elective flexibility for specialization in all aspects of computer engineering and related areas. In addition, students participate in undergraduate research, summer internships, professional societies and leadership skills development.

Computer Science Program

Computer scientists are using their programming skills and software tools to protect and keep data secure from cyber threats. Our program gives hands-on experience in the application of fundamental ideas and techniques of computer science. The curriculum combines technical requirements with general education requirements and electives to prepare students for a professional career in the computer science field, for further study in computer science, and for functioning in modern society. The technical requirements include up-to-date coverage of basic and advanced topics in computer science as well as an emphasis on science and mathematics. Topics of study include algorithm design and analysis; software design; database systems; computer organization and architecture; programming languages; and operating systems.

Manufacturing Engineering Program

Manufacturing engineers plan, direct, and coordinate new products from the design stage to the production and delivery to customers. Our program prepares students with a strong technical foundation in conventional manufacturing engineering and provides them with the tools to face the challenges of globalized marketplaces, and ecologically conscious and interdisciplinary business environments. Our curriculum is developed to provide a balanced knowledge of product design; materials; manufacturing processes; manufacturing systems; manufacturing automation and robotics; quality assurance; and project management. Students experience hands-on activities in our advanced laboratories. We offer our students a rich educational experience in interdisciplinary research through senior projects, manufacturing design implementation, extracurricular activities, and interaction with our exceptional faculty at the forefront of their fields.