Master Plan Update

VSU is embarking on an exciting journey,
 a strategic moment in its history. 

An update of our campus Master Plan, last published in 2017, will help VSU create its vision for a sustainable and prosperous future. A Master Plan is a comprehensive long-range plan intended to guide growth and development of VSU.

VSU Master Plan

Hanbury, a national leader in campus planning and design, assisted the University in developing this refresh of our campus Master Plan. This comprehensive long range plan will guide the growth and development of VSU for a sustainable and prosperous future. A critical part of this process has been your input!

A series of focus group discussions, forums, meetings and interviews have occurred to consider what you love about VSU and the dreams you hold for its future. This refresh of our campus master plan was approved by the Board of Visitors in September 2019. All university planning and development refers to and follows the Master Plan.