Dual Enrollment

Virginia State’s Academic Partnership Program (VSAPP) provides qualified high school students the opportunity to enroll in college courses and earn college credits while attending high school.

The courses will be taught at high schools, but course curricula, syllabi and tests will be identical to those used at VSU. Grades earned will be considered dual credit for high school and VSU, and if the student attend VSU, their transcripts will reflect both the college credits and earned GPA. 

VSAPP students and their teachers are encouraged to utilize VSU resources and facilities. Students will be issued VSU identification cards so they can access the University’s library and laboratories. Some classes and tutorial sessions will be held on campus and VSU faculty will assist high school faculty in teaching the courses. 

There is currently no tuition charge to the students taking dual enrollment courses. Textbooks are usually purchased by the high school system hosting the classes. Dual enrollment students typically enter college with close to a semester’s worth of credits, resulting in savings of several thousand dollars.