Regina Barnett Tyler, Associate Vice President, SSE

Greetings Trojans!

Welcome to The VSU Division of Student Success and Engagement (DSSE) at Virginia State University (VSU) where we have been providing transformative experiences for our students since 1882.  DSSE is committed to helping students enjoy rewarding and memorable years at VSU by focusing on the holistic Trojan experience.

VSU continues to refine and improve our campus and student engagements. The renovation of existing facilities and the construction of new buildings are indications of the Institution’s commitment to improved student needs and access to a full on campus experience.

DSSE subscribes to a student-centered approach to education via a myriad of support services that contribute to ensuring that our graduates become productive citizens and proud alumni. Our DSSE staff is caring, professionally trained, and fully immersed in the University’s ideals of quality student support. We look forward to seeing you on our campus where “Greater Happens Here!”


“The Department of Student Success and Engagement work in collaboration with our campus community to empower our students to reach their fullest potential.”


Develop the students sense of purpose and belonging at VSU (Student Engagement) • Develop Oneself Professionally (Career Center) • Appreciate Communal Living (Residence Life and Housing) • Consider Hope and Opportunity as sustaining tools (Upward Bound, EOC, ETS, SSS) • Create a co-curricular transcript that mirrors personal and professional goals (Student Activities) • Model leadership, service, civility and scholarship (Trojan Student Leadership) • Display positive behaviors that  aligned with our Student Handbook (Student Conduct) • Embark Upon Spiritual Development (United Campus Ministries)


To affect retention, persistence and graduation rates through co-curricular programming, student leadership, community service and engagement for all VSU students.