Internal Audit

The mission of the Internal Auditing Department is to provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve the organization's operations.

These services help the University accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

Who We Are

The Internal Audit is an independent function within Virginia State University that reports functionally to the VSU Board of Visitors (BOV) and administratively to the President.  In partnership and collaboration with management, Internal Audit will ensure that we:

  • Develop value-added services to assist the University and its operations in objective assurance and consulting activities,

  • Assist the University in accomplishing its mission and objectives,

  • Protect the University’s interest and means of safeguarding its assets, and

  • Improve the effectiveness of risk management, internal and quality controls, and governance processes. 

What You Can Expect From Us  

We are service-minded. You can expect us to apply the following core principles/values on the job:  

  • Customer Service
  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Confidentiality
  • Collaboration
  • Competency

Building a Better World

Our Audit Universe is guided by past experience and aligned to meet the future needs of the University based upon Risk, while adding value to the operation.  The Audit Plan is based on:

  • Risk Assessments;
  • Management Experience;
  • Current University Activities; and
  • Emerging Standards, all geared to support the President's Goals and the University's  2020 Vision for the future.


Internal Audit Charter