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In an effort to enhance our communications with students via Blackboard, the University has acquired ConnectYard. ConnectYard opens up two-way communications via announcements and discussions in Blackboard by providing the student with communication options, such as Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, and by adding personal email addresses.

The activation of ConnectYard for your class(es) requires no action on your part but requires the student to register for each of their classes. To register, the student will click on the Tools link and then on the ConnectYard button. Once there, they can follow the attached document to set up their preferences.

Two training sessions were held this week for faculty regarding how to use ConnectYard.  Technology Services will continue to offer informational sessions during the lunch hour in the coming weeks to discuss how as a faculty member you can better utilize this tool.  Contact Art Fridrich for more information on using ConnectYard.  

How to Set Up a PST