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Trojan Card Deposit Instructions(PDF)

The Virginia State University TrojanCard is the official identification and security card for all Virginia State University students, faculty and staff.

The TrojanCard is used to provide additional campus security for students by granting access to residential halls only to authorized individuals.  The TrojanCard also reduces the need for students to carry cash and offers parents the opportunity to deposit funds on the student card to pay for necessities when they are apart.  The TrojanCard can be used for purchases in two ways:

Trojan Dollars

Trojan Dollars is a prepaid-stored-value account that's part of your TrojanCard. It is the convenient, cashless way to pay for purchases on and off campus. The campus area's most popular businesses accept Trojan Dollars.

Book Voucher Dollars

You will need your TrojanCard in order to obtain a Book Voucher during registration. In addition, you will be able to use Book Voucher Dollars or Trojan Dollars to purchase any item in the Bookstore.

Flex (Dining) Dollars

Flex (Dining) Dollars is a stored value which is part of a purchased VSU meal plan. Flex Dollars can be used to purchase food items in the specialty dining locations on-campus (i.e., Chic-Fil-A, Subway, etc.). Unlike Trojan Dollars, Flex Dollars cannot be used at the off-campus locations.

How Can You Use Your TrojanCard?

For Identification

  • Entering your Residence Hall
  • Eating at all VSU Dining Services facilities
  • Admission to home athletic events
  • Use of VSU recreation and sports facilities
  • Admission to on-campus entertainment events

For Spending

  • Bookstore purchases
  • On campus convenience store purchases
  • Library & printing services
  • Laundry machines in Residence Halls
  • Select campus vending machines
TrojanCard Photo Submission

TrojanCard Photo Submission

Learn more on how to submit an online photo submission for your TrojanCard here today!