With rapid and continuing technology advances, VSU Information Security Office (ISO) is implementing the University’s Information Security (IS) program to establish security measures to protect the information technology infrastructure and provide a sustainable consistent approach to information security safeguards and measures that can be replicated across paper and electronic files, systems, and transactions.  

The IS program provides the framework and practices for all business functions, departments, faculty, staff, and students to use in securing their information.  It is also designed to provide direction and assistance for developing and implementing information security controls that reduce the risk to VSU information regardless of the medium containing the information. 

-Travis Edmonds, ISO 

How to Spot fake emails??

  • Spelling and grammar errors
  • No personalized or contact information
  • Requests of personal information
  • High Urgency or Threats
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V- Verify which whom you are interacting online

S- Scan any file downloaded from Internet before opening/using/installing

U– Use strong passwords with personal acronym


Student Help-Desk Number: 804-524-2000

Faculty Help-Desk Number: 804-524-5210