Urban Edge Network

The Urban Edge Network opens the doors to an exclusive world of everything happening in The Land of Troy through HBCULeaguePass. This partnership provides a unique and immersive experience, offering a wealth of opportunities:

  • Varsity Athletics Excellence: With HBCU+, we will have the potential to watch our Trojans in action. Whether it is baseball, softball, lacrosse or soccer, you can support our student athletes as they compete and showcase their remarkable talent and dedication on the field.
  • Engaging Original Content: Beyond athletics, the network offers an array of opportunities to showcase original content submitted by students. From captivating podcasts, thought-provoking documentaries, and creative projects crafted by our own students. This platform can serve as a hub for creativity, showcasing the diverse talents and perspectives within our university community.
  • Real-World Experience: This partnership holds the potential to become an invaluable educational resource for our students, offering them the opportunity to acquire real-world experience in the realms of media, content creation, and digital platforms. This aligns seamlessly with our steadfast commitment to providing hands-on and practical learning experiences that empower our students for success beyond the classroom.

Take a look at some early content here: