Advancement and External Engagement

Develop Signature Event

This initiative aims to determine the optimal event type, timing, and occurrence of a VSU Advancement signature event. The President Gala event type and President level awards to recognize contributions by alumni and donors will be considered for evaluation. The initiative will assess potential sponsorship and ticketing models to support the event and bring in scholarship funds. The event programming could highlight specific advancement initiatives and serve as a kick off for a comprehensive campaign.

Develop & Launch a Comprehensive Campaign

In order to develop and launch a comprehensive campaign with scholarship and naming opportunities, this initiative explored potential campaign themes and phase timelines. Planning for the campaign launch included the formation of an advisory board and plans to establish campaign funding priorities (e.g., merit scholarships, study abroad programs, naming opportunities). This initiative aims to define KPIs and milestones that will be used to track the campaign’s progress over time. Expected outputs include branding materials that could be used for the campaign and potential donor tiers. Additionally, this initiative could outline plans to engage key stakeholders and leverage VSU media platforms.

Donor Record and Relationships

retention-and-advancement-.jpgThis initiative involved evaluating the aspirational functions of donor record and relationship tools and assessing the current utilization CRM tools. In order to understand which tools met the needs (e.g., robust donor records, automated processes for donor stewardship) of the fast-paced VSU Advancement office, this initiative involved discussions with key stakeholders. In addition, the team evaluated their corporate relationships that are currently interfacing with students on campus and the Office of Institutional Advancement. This initiative will create a plan to leverage the presence of corporations on campus to create sponsorship relationships. This initiative aligns with the university’s strategic plan goal of increasing and diversifying funding streams to enhance revenue mix through corporate partnerships.