Timeline and Application Process

Application Timeline

  1. Grant Award Notification from VDOT
  2. A Letter of Solicitation of application will be sent out by e-mail to the principals of high schools in Central Virginia. Schools will prescreen the applications and then send to VSU two applications. These applications should include:
    1. Application form
    2. Student Transcripts
    3. Letter of Recommendation
    4. Essay
  3. VSU – Dr. Ali Ansari (Program Director) will evaluate students’ applications according to:
    1. Student's interests related to transportation to include assessment of required essay (A)
    2. GPA (B)
    3. If school sends out more than two applications, two student will be selected according to items A and B. Other applicants will be on waiting list. (C)
    4. Students who applied directly through by word of mouth and/or from the VSU website are identified through which area they came from and then selected according to items A and B (D)
    5. In choosing the applicants, we ensure that we have diverse representation in terms of gender and ethnicity. (E)
  4. The list of recommended applicants will be sent to VDOT for approval
  5. A letter of acceptance will be sent to students with the complete application package.