Robotics (Autonomous Vehicle)

“Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles” is a class aimed participating students in the broadly-defined STEM areas. Students will design, build, test, and operate an autonomous vehicle capable of sensing and reacting to its environment while striving to accomplish a set of tasks (“robotic challenges”).

This class gives the students the opportunity to get acquainted with the interdisciplinary field of intelligent transportation (Smart Road) using a lab-based, hands on approach. Participants will review the basic challenges (and possible solutions) of designing and building an autonomous vehicle while they are conceiving, building, debugging, and fine-tuning their own robotic platform. In the process the students will use and strengthen their knowledge in various fields of physics and engineering (mechanics, electricity and magnetism, analog and digital electronics), mathematics, chemistry and biology, computer science, while getting a glimpse at the interdisciplinary world of automated agents, artificial intelligence, remote sensing and manipulation.