Cost Sharing

Cost sharing is the portion
 of project expenses related to a sponsored agreement that is contributed by parties other than the sponsor and not directly charged to the sponsored project accounts.

Cost sharing may be required by the sponsor as a condition of receiving an award (mandatory cost sharing) or offered by the Program Director or Principal Investigator by including it in the sponsored proposal document (voluntary committed cost sharing).

The primary department with which a sponsored program is officially affiliated, is ultimately responsible for meeting cost sharing commitments. The Program Director/Principal Investigator and their Department/Section are responsible for evaluating the workload and budget implications of proposed cost-sharing (either mandatory or voluntary committed) and to ensure that the institution’s cost-sharing commitment is met. If an application to the sponsor includes any cost sharing, then the Cost Share Approval Request  must specify the funding source by account number that will cover the cost shared expenses.  Federal monies can not be used as a cost share funding source.  The approval of all reviewers on the Cost Share Approval Request constitutes their commitment to provide funding immediately upon award.

All contributions, including cash and third party in-kind, shall be accepted as part of the recipient's cost sharing or matching when such contributions meet all of the following criteria.

  • Are verifiable from the recipient's records.

  • Are not included as contributions for any other federally-assisted project or program.

  • Are necessary and reasonable for proper and efficient accomplishment of project or program objectives.

  • Are allowable under the applicable cost principles.

  • Are not paid by the Federal Government under another award, except where authorized by Federal statute to be used for cost sharing or matching.

  • Are provided for in the approved budget when required by the Federal awarding agency.

 Documentation of Cost Shares

  1. The PI identifies the cost-sharing requirement in the request for proposal.

  2. The PI, in consultation with their chair and/or dean, determines how the cost-sharing requirement will be met and documented.

  3. The PI downloads and completes the Cost Share Approval Request, including getting the requisite signatures.

  4. The PI submits the completed and signed Cost Share Approval Request to OSRP 30 days prior to the grant submission deadline, as part of the Pre-proposal planning package.