Contract Administration

Administration begins after award of the contract, to assure that the contractor's and agency's total performance is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contractual agreement and the applicable laws and regulations of the Commonwealth.

Authority to sign contracts for VSU is delegated from the University President, the Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Purchasing Director; each may further delegate the authority in writing, as appropriate.

The Commonwealth and University awards term contracts for the procurement of goods, supplies and services to obtain more favorable prices through volume purchasing and to reduce procurement lead-time and administrative effort. Items available on term contracts must be procured from the contracted vendor in accordance with provisions fo the contract. Another vendor may not be used.

The integrity of the public purchasing system demands that goods or services be furnished, received, invoiced and paid as specifies in the contract. Contract administration includes all actions taken by the state relative to a specific contract after the award is made. Each agency in its implementing procedures shall ensure that effective contract administration is included.

A Contract Administrator will be designated to monitor and support contracts for delivery of goods and services, which occur over an extended periods. The contract administration process delegates authority which allows for direct communications between the representative of the University receiving the good/services and the vendor, which the aim of facilitating and verifying desired performance standards. Active contract administration and written, annual evaluation of vendor performance are the cornerstones of effective outscoring. Contract Administrators are restricted from making any commitments or conducting negotiations, which change the scope of the contract or may result in modified financial expenditure.

Purchasing Department must be involved to issue Written change orders and renewals, and to formally address performance shortcoming, non-renewals, and contract terminations.


Vendor performance should be documented and reported quarterly and /or more frequently, if warranted. These reports are necessary in order to develop vendor history, evaluate vendor performance and if required to take appropriate and timely action.

As Contractor Administrator, when monitoring vendor performance:



Coordinate delivery of this service

Instruct the contractor to state work

Assure that services are delivered in accordance with the contract terms and conditions

Change the scope of the contract without Purchasing written authorization

Certify that services as billed are delivered in accordance with the contract terms and conditions

Direct the contractor to perform with that is not specifically described and funded in the contract

Promptly report delivery failures or contractor evaluations when requested by Purchasing

Extend the time period of a contract without Purchasing written authorization

Assure that the contract amount is not exceeded without proper authorization (contract change or modification) from Purchasing Sign any contractor's contract form

Contract the Purchasing Office for action if a contract must be extended, increased, decreased or modified in any way