VSU Statement on Coronavirus and Student Safety Abroad

Virginia State University acknowledges the concerns that students, parents, and other University stakeholders may have regarding the status of the Coronavirus and any potential risks that it may pose for our students studying abroad.  Currently, VSU currently has no students studying abroad in China or in other locations where cases of the virus have been reported.  In addition, the University has been monitoring the progression of the outbreak through information provided by daily communications issued by the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), the U.S. Department of State,  the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and from Safety and Risk Management teams of our study abroad partners who are in touch with health officials in program locations. Because students’ health and safety, while both at home and abroad, are of utmost importance to the University, we will continue to monitor any developments related to his pandemic and remain proactive in our response.   We will continue to keep our VSU community informed through email and our website as the situation evolves.