VSU Offering Parents an Educational and Inclusive Summer Option for School Aged Children

VSU summer camps designed to give students an educational summer safe space  
Virginia State University is offering area parents ten educational options for school aged students during the summer 2022 academic break. The VSU Summer Camp Series offers options for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. The camps are hosted by Virginia State University faculty and staff. The summer camps will offer fun educational and interactive experiences in varying fields including STEAM, robotics, college preparation, research, leadership, preparation for primary school, etc.   
“With local schools approaching summer break, our community parents need a safe, educational environment for their children,” said Dr. Shandra Claiborne, VSU Executive Director for Camps. “Academics is the cornerstone of planning for Virginia State.  The summer camps will provide a rich cultural environment where students receive an outstanding support system that is educational, family oriented and results driven.”  
The summer camps align with the VSU strategic plan as they further position the university as a national model institution offering opportunities for educating students from all backgrounds to attain high academic achievement.   
Virginia State University endeavors to provide a transformative experience that supports the holistic development of all students.  As part of this community service, camp attendees are taught and nurtured by caring faculty who are accomplished in their field of expertise and vested in the VSU mission, values, and overall commitment to excellence.   
For more information about VSU Sponsored Camps, view the flyer or contact Dr. Shandra Claiborne at sclaiborne@vsu.edu.