Board of Visitors Meeting Notice March 18, 2022

The Virginia State University Board of Visitors Executive Committee will meet to consider the proposed mandatory fee increase at 1:00 p.m., Friday, March 18, 2022.  The location of the meeting has been changed from the Gateway Dining & Event Center to Room 310 in Virginia Hall, 1 Hayden Street, on the VSU campus.  

The University proposes to increase the technology fee by $500 to a total of $729.  The proposed increase is due to the need for increased technology updates in the University’s classrooms, computer stipends for students, and the continued upgrading of technology.  

The Board held a public comment meeting on February 2, 2022 to hear oral comments about the proposed increase.  Written comments will be accepted until March 9, 2022 (7 business days before the March 18th meeting).  

Written comments can be submitted in the following ways:  

  • Email address: 
  • Mailing address: Board of Visitors, P. O. Box 9001, Virginia State University, VA 23806  
  • Hand Delivery:  Board of Visitors, c/o The Office of the President, Virginia Hall, Third Floor.  

All comments will become a part of the public record.  The Board will not respond to oral or written comments.