VSU will Pay off Account Balances for All Students Enrolled During the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Period

Virginia State University will use Cares Act funding to eliminate outstanding student balances.

VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY, VA- JULY 16, 2021- In an effort to continue providing access to a transformative education, Virginia State University (VSU) has announced that the University will clear all unpaid tuition and fee balances for VSU students enrolled during the COVID-19 pandemic impact period.  VSU will pay the balances owed to the University for students who attended VSU in spring, summer, fall, winter 2020 and spring 2021 semesters.  The University will clear the remaining balances after all federal, state, and private awards are applied. 

“We care about our students and their academic success and want to provide them the privilege of moving forward with a zero balance,” says Donald Palm, Ph.D., Provost/Sr. Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.  “We believe that relieving them from these balances will provide much-needed relief that will allow our scholars to focus more intently on their academics and degree completion.”  VSU will finance the initiative using CARES Act funds. This funding is critical to helping students continue to pursue their academic dreams at a time when COVID-19 has severely affected financial resources for thousands of families nationwide.  

The payoff applies only to balances currently owed to VSU.  It does not apply to loans owed to outside entities.

VSU students should read the below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for specific details regarding qualifications. Additional students’ questions should be directed to the Office of Student Accounts at (804) 524-5506, or email them at Bursar@vsu.edu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who is eligible to have an outstanding balance paid off at the university?

A. All students enrolled during the COVID-19 national emergency (on or after March 13, 2020) are eligible for the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) regardless of Title IV eligibility.  You are eligible for the balance payoff if you have an outstanding balance owed to the University and you  were enrolled during the following semesters; spring 2020, summer 2020, fall 2020, winter 2020 and spring 2021.  This includes non-degree, noncredit, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, continuing education, undocumented/international students, and students who have graduated or withdrawn during those periods. 

Q. What fees are eligible for the payoff?

A. Any outstanding balance that is on the University’s financial ledger (books) is eligible for the payoff.  It is not limited to tuition, fees, room and board.

Q. If I was a student that resided at the University Apartment at Ettrick (UAE), am I eligible to receive the funds to pay off a balance? 

A. Yes.  Students at the University Apartments at Ettrick (UAE) are eligible for the payoff of tuition and fees owed to the University and only the rent portion of their balance that is owed to UAE.  Any other expenses such as utilities, parking, deposits, and miscellaneous expenses/amounts pertaining to the apartment complex do not qualify for the payoff.  These expenses are not on the University financial ledger (books).

Q. What will I receive from the University to indicate that my balance has been paid off?

A.  Students whose balances are paid off will receive an email indicating such, as well as a billing statement that reflects the current balance is zero.  That should happen within the next seven days.

Q. Are students eligible to have their balances paid off for future terms and semesters?

A. No, the Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF) are not available to pay off balances for future terms. You must ensure that all balances going forward are paid in full by personal funds, approved financial aid, third-party agencies or payment plan.  

Q. If I have a transcript hold due to a balance owed, can I receive my transcript?

A. Yes, students enrolled at the University at any point on or after March 13, 2020 and had an unpaid balance can obtain an official transcript once the balance is cleared. Note: you must pay the $5 per transcript request. 

Q. If I have an enrollment or registration hold due to a balance owed prior to March 13, 2020, can I register for the upcoming fall 2021 semester?

A. Yes, the same applies as in question #1.    

Q. Will the HEER funds pay off any loan debt that my family or I incurred for this impacted period? 

ANo, HEER Funds will not pay off any personal loan debt incurred for the impacted period.    

Q. Who should I contact if I have questions regarding the payoff of my balance?

A.  Contact the Office of Student Accounts at (804) 524-5506, or email them at Bursar@vsu.edu.