Mission & Goal

The Department of Sport Management is a component of the School of Graduate Studies. In harmony with the mission of the School of Liberal Arts and Education (SLAE), the Sport Management Department's purpose is to prepare professionals to serve the public in the areas of teaching, wellness, leisure and recreation, sports marketing, and allied fields.

This purpose is facilitated through teaching, research/technology-based activities, outreach-public service endeavors, and practical experiences. These components are designed to prepare students to negotiate the demands of a global marketplace that require a sensitivity to members of diverse cultures and special populations.

General Objectives

The general objectives of the department are to:

  • Provide students an opportunity to acquire a thorough knowledge of the principles of health science, physical education, leisure studies, personnel and program management, and allied professions.
  • Prepare students to demonstrate competence in the teaching profession and to become exemplary practitioners in allied fields.
  • Produce students who are effective and altruistic participants in community and civic affairs.
  • Offer a diverse selection of course options to accommodate varied student interests and occupational pursuits.
  • Prepare students to pursue professional endeavours beyond the graduate level.
  • Prepare students to remain active with professional organizations and engage in professional development activities.
  • Prepare students to assume a variety of leadership roles and serve as productive managers, administrators, coaches, educators, and entrepreneurs.
  • Produce students who are fully equipped to compete in a dynamic marketplace.
  • Provide a learning environment that includes theoretical and practical experiences among its central foci
  • Prepare students to negotiate the challenges of cultural pluralism and gender equity, and to accommodate the needs of the mentally and physically challenged.