Substance Abuse Resources

Substance Abuse Prevention

The Office of Substance Abuse Prevention has the primary role of alcohol and substance abuse prevention, assessment, screening, education, and counseling.  Services are evidenced-based and provide cutting-edge information and resources to the campus community. Our services include 

  • Individual Counseling and Consultation
  • Drug and Alcohol Education
  • Prevention Seminars and Risk Reduction Workshops
  • Substance Free and Fun Educational Programs
  • Volunteer, Service Learning and Mentoring Opportunities 
  • Technical Assistance to Peer Educators and Mentors
  • Graduate Internships in Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Counseling
  • Community Resource and Referral Information 

Aware of certain risks associated with alcohol and other drug use, the University views substance abuse as an obstacle to the attainment of a student's educational goals and to the University's mission. Therefore, Substance Abuse Prevention promotes

  • Informed and Responsible Decision-making 
  • Prevention Education for Incoming Students  
  • Healthy Coping Strategies to Manage Stress and Emotional Issues,
  • Education about Health Risks, High-risk Behaviors, and Consequences associated with substance abuse

The office works to ensure that the academic community is aware of state and federal laws that pertain to alcohol and controlled substances and the penalties concerning unlawful substance use and abuse; health and behavioral risks of alcohol abuse and drug use; and resources for treatment and educational programming in accordance with federal law, Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act; and Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988.

Services are available to all students enrolled at Virginia State University. The Office of Substance Abuse Prevention is located in Memorial Hall. Call (804) 524-5939 for additional information.

A VSU state of mind is drug free!

View the VSU Alcohol and Drug Policy

The Virginia State University Alcohol and Drug Policy prohibits the possession, use, manufacture, distribution, selling or consumption of alcohol and “controlled substances” (illicit drugs), including marijuana, any-where on campus.

The Policy pertains to the activities of all students and employees on University property, and the activities of students at University sponsored events or at off-campus activities while representing the University community. Students, faculty and staff are expected to comply with all state, federal, and local alcohol and drug related laws.

Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Resources for Prevention, Treatment and Assistance:

The University has established the Office of Substance Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention to offer educational and risk reduction programming and to provide treatment and/or assistance to students with substance abuse related problems/issues. Employees may contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which may be found on the back of the health plan card.  Plans typically provide at least four (4) free visits to local providers. 

Campus Resources

Substance Abuse Prevention 804-524-5939
VSU Police (Emergency) 804-524-5411
University Counseling Center 804-524-5939
VSU Campus Ministry 804-524-5681
Student Health Services 804-524-5711

Community Resources

Narcotics/Alcoholics Anonymous 804-452-1955 (Al-Anon helps adult children of dependent parents)
Chesterfield MH/SA Services 804-768-7318 (On campus and Chesterfield County residents)
District 19 MH/SA Services 804-862-6410 (Off campus students not living in Chesterfield)
Poplar Springs Hospital 804 -733-6874 (Short-term detox 2-5 days)
John Randolph Hospital 804 -451-1600 (Emergency and outpatient services)

Website Resources

College Drinking Prevention
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism