Self Help and Reading Resources

Alcohol and Recovery from Dysfunctional Families

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Drugs and Alcohol

Bandry, Yvette L. (2011). Help for Drug Addicts: A Self-Help Book About Drug Addiction Symptoms, Drug Abuse Intervention, Drug Rehab, The 12 Step Program And Other Treatments. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

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LGBTQIA/ Sexual Orientation Concerns

Green, Dorsey G. and Clums, Merille D. (2005). Lesbian Couples: A Guide to Creating Healthy Relationships. Seal Press: Berkeley, CA.

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Rape and Sexual Assault

Anderson, Laurie H. (2001). Speak. Puffin Books: London, UK.

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Relationship Breakup

Moran, Caitlin (2012). How to Be a Woman. HarperCollins Publishing: New York City.

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Relationships (General Couples Issues)

Coles, Joanna (2018). Love Rules: How to Find a Real Relationship in a Digital World. Harper Publishing: New York City, NY.

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Relationship Violence

Betancourt, Marian (1997). What to Do When Love Turns Violent: A Practical Resource for Women in Abusive Relationships. HarperCollins: New York.

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Sexual Abuse

Allison, Dorothy (2012). Bastard Out of Carolina: A Novel. Penguin Books: City of Westminster, London, England.

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