College of Business Faculty Publishes Book

Virginia State University Professor of Accounting and Finance, Arthur L. Wharton III, recently published a book entitled, Transform Your Mind and Change Your Life: A Guided Journey Toward Living Your Dream Life. Dr. Wharton draws on his own experience overcoming obstacles and transforming his life. He candidly shares the pain and frustration of his long and elusive search for a meaningful career, financial sufficiency, and personal satisfaction. In his book, he distills the lessons he learned during his twenty-two years of wandering in what he calls “The Wilderness” of one unsuccessful endeavor after another, until finally he realized his true purpose: being a college professor.  

This book is a must read for anyone searching for purpose and meaning. To create a formula for personal transformation, Dr. Wharton leans into his background as a former engineer, systematically guiding the reader step-by-step on the challenging but essential journey. 

Dr. Wharton, who is also an experienced motivational speaker, can meet with groups at events and seminars to discuss his book and share his journey with anyone who is curious about how to chart their course, to fulfill their dream, and to transform their life.