Lost and Found

Use Boomerang

VSU has partnered with Boomerang to improve our lost & found operation on campus for students, faculty, and visitors.

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How it works (submitting a claim):

  • If you lose an item on campus, you will visit the VSU lost and found page and go to Boomerang.
  • You will select the location where you lost your item to submit a claim form.  Be as detailed as possible with your claim
  • Once submitted, the location manager will be notified about your claim submission. Please allow the location manager 48-72 hours to get back to you (weekends may be longer due to COB).

How it works (picking up your lost item):

  • If we have the item, the location manager will notify you via email, which will include pick-up instructions.
  • If we do not have it, that will be communicated as well.

Benefits of Boomerang lost and found:

  • Lost & found is now handled entirely online.
  • Students, faculty, and visitors can now submit claims to us 24/7 via Boomerang.
  • Students do not need to come in person or email/call the university to submit a lost & found report.
  • We have a secure, efficient, and smart process to ensure that we get items back to the right owner.

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