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The Department of Procurement supports the mission of the University by providing professional procurement solutions and services that:

Utilize technology and sound business processes Enhance competition
Surpass customer needs and department goals Foster positive relationships
Promotes integrity and fairness Increase diversity opportunities


To provide professional procurement solutions and services that support the University’s faculty, staff, and students by procuring what they need, when they need it, and at the least cost.


The Purchasing Department encourages and welcomes vendors to supply their lists of goods/services they provide or manufacture.Vendors are welcome to visit the Purchasing Department; however, in order for the staff and vendors to schedule their time efficiently, buyers are available for visits in Room 115, Virginia Hall form 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Monday through Friday. 


The Purchasing Department does not maintain a formal bidders list. All formal solicitations (IFB, RFP) are advertised on the Purchasing Department website and the Virginia state electronic procurement system (sVa). To access a current listing, click the Purchasing tab shown at the top of the page and click Current Solicitations. If you are not already an eVa registered vendor, please visit for registration details.

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