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Threat Assessment Team

The Threat Assessment Team appointed by the President includes a representative of law enforcement, mental health, administration and student counsel. Student affairs, counseling services, residence life, human resources and health services may be assigned to the team, if deemed necessary. 

Virginia State University prohibits the use of language or behavior that threatens unlawful physical violence and has the effect of intimidating, frightening, coercing, or provoking others. Prohibited acts include threats communicated verbally or nonverbally in writing, by way of mouth, through gestures or by any other means, including by electronic transmission. These include threats communicated directly to an intended victim or to/through a third party. 

Persons communicating threats may be subject to disciplinary action by the institution, including criminal prosecution if the behavior constitutes a violation of Virginia law. Persons identified engaging in threatening language or behavior may be subject to suspension or removal from the institution. 

Persons who are identified as engaging in threatening language or behavior may be required, as a condition of continued enrollment, to participate in a mental health evaluation as part of the threat assessment process.

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